Tuesday’s news items, part 2 [Kindergarten registration, Lancaster Masks; news for small businesses in pandemic & more] – 2/27/2020

Small Business “Coronavirus Relief Options” | The Small Business Administration is here to help you overcome the challenges created by this health crisis offering offer multiple funding options for those seeking relief. Read more here. – US Small Business Administration

“‘It’s a damn mess.’ | Small businesses are struggling with the coronavirus and the federal loan process” The Boston Globe

Lancaster Masks | A facebook public group with this mission: “Coordinating Lancaster County volunteers who are making and distributing masks for high-needs organizations for the COVID-19 pandemic. No buying or selling of masks permitted.”

Columbia School District’s school board meeting notes | “Columbia schools ironing out plan for remote learning” Lancaster Online

ATTENTION PARENTS | “2020-2021 Kindergarten Registration is now open.”Columbia Borough School District

“Pregnant during a pandemic | Women face severe restrictions in birthing room. Some husbands may be waiting in the car.” The Morning Call

who graphicWHO’s cute chart | global COVID cases

Globally: cases down | Reports from elsewhere, Italy and Spain notably, show the number of new cases and deaths appear to be declining. – Barron’s and other sources

“‘No model is perfect’ | A look at how coronavirus projections are made” – FOX43-TV

Baseless insinuation | Persistent letter-to-the editor writer writes letter complaining about baseless accusations. The letter ends with these untruths: “This is America and the land of free speech. You have no right to censor that speech. Lest you forget, part of your salary is paid by subscribers, and you have no right to silence us.” Actually, off base letter writer, the publication has every right to publish what it chooses to. Confusing the intent of the First Amendment is baseless, too. “The First Amendment of the United States Constitution protects the right to freedom of religion and freedom of expression from government interference.” Private entities are not assressed under the First Amendment.

“politicized” pandemic | “Pennsylvania lawmakers squabble over coronavirus measures, including business shutdown order” The Morning Call

Sometimes forewarned is forearmed | “Trade adviser warned White House in January of risks of a pandemic”The Boston Globe



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