Tuesday’s news items [gas prices; borough meetings; XFL: gone & more] 4/14/2020

Nope, not yet | Just checked to see whether the stimulus payment has been deposited — not yet. But according to FOX43-TV, “80 million should get stimulus checks by Wednesday, Treasury says.”

bouncing ball

Gas prices  | GasBuddy.com says NATIONAL AVERAGE NOW MORE THAN $1/GAL CHEAPER THAN LAST YEAR. Around here, the prices this morning are around $2.09 / gal, but there are lower prices in Lancaster and other places in the northeastern part of the county.

What’s happening & what’s not | in Columbia, as posted at the Borough Website , etc.

Who’s in charge? | If you watched last night’s White House “briefing” / “Hitleresque rant”, you’d know what one person feels.

not only the elderly die | “30-year-old Allentown man messages friends week before dying of coronavirus: ‘Please pray for me’”The Morning Call

Nah, it was more than the coronavirus | The XFL was not a quality product; you should have followed the four (or five) principles of marketing. “Vince McMahon’s XFL Files for Bankruptcy Amid Pandemic Shutdown.”– Variety

Just for you, Mr. D | What to do about reporting yet another allegation about a wanna’ be “elected public servant’s” sexual misconduct. Columbia news, views & reviews has previously brought up the slimy, sleazy side of politics in both of the primary lookalike political parties. The folks who “rise” to the top are driven by power, money and often sex. Many tend to be egomaniac schmucks who think it’s quite alright to do as Biden is alleged to have done: “put his hands ‘under her clothes.’” (Actually that verbiage is tame, we’ve read other reports that say he “penetrated” her with his fingers.) Lesson every person should have learned: it’s not alright to touch someone else without their permission. Heck, even as drill sergeants, we would ask: “Permission to touch you, Private.” (That was not always the case in the days of the brown show Army.) So, Mr. D., here’s an opinion piece from a yesterday’s New York Times about the presumed Democratic candidate for president. Schmuck that he is.




  1. Biden has been told about his touchy feely hands and he continues to do it. I don’t think Biden could run a lawn mower more or less a country. Trump is know Saint but he is the best man for that Job in the White House.

    • Interesting example.

      Though I doubt Trump could run a lawn mower either given he’s never done an honest day’s work in his gilded life.

      Sorry, cannot agree that the person holding the position is the best man.

      Gotta’ go now; there’s grass to mow.

      • Trump is working his ass off despite the jealous Democrats. I’m sure if or when your his age you won’t keep up. Honest days work, he gives his paycheck every month to charity. He’s the only President ever who losing money and is worth less now and when he started his presidency. 4 more years and you can take that to the bank.

      • Without the enormous financial head-start of the orange buffoon, many people work a lot longer, harder and for a heck of a lot less. And are a helluva’ lot smarter.

        To clear the air a little, this writer is older than the DIC is; did not avoid the draft (enlisted) during Vietnam and did not have to buy his way into college (went to college using the GI Bill).

        I grant you the DIC will be elected again, not on his own talents, though. It’s just that this nation does not like to change horses (or horses’s asses) in the midst of tough times.

        Oh, yeah, this nation did throw out the worthless Herbert Hoover. The DIC, equally, worthless,, without the beneficence of his daddy, would never have made it through boot camp.

        Oh, by the way, until the Republican Party was hijacked by the fanaticism that controls it today, this writer probably voted for more of them than you did.

  2. With Trump’s huge belly, I doubt he could run a lawn mower. Besides, he surely would hire somebody else to do it and then not pay the guy!

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