Monday’s news items [Covid-19 screening in York; curbside booze & more] – 4/20/2020

lone tulipA lone tulip (one bulb that escaped the ravenous squirrels) blooms.

swamp creatures | “This man without core beliefs wants to cynically ride a tidal wave of white male rage and anti-immigrant fervor right down the Potomac and into the White House.” – a quote from Peter Navarro,  the Assistant to the President, Director of Trade and Manufacturing Policy, and the national Defense Production Act policy coordinator. Of course, that quote was before when he was a Democrat (and a person “nobody liked”) but saw an opportunity climb to higher personal gain by becoming a Republican swamp dweller. This article contends, “it is dangerous that someone so uninformed about basic economics has the president’s ear.”

“Peter Navarro | China Is Hoarding Masks, Equipment During Pandemic – The China hater spouts this ““This was a time where that virus could have been contained in Wuhan,” Navarro told Fox. “Instead, 5 million Chinese people went out from Wuhan and propagated the virus around the world.” Ever wonder why the administration attracts legions of crazies?

another side | “Truth and Propaganda About Coronavirus”Independent Media Institute

Columbia area obituary | Bertha P. Schoenherr

not guilty, but … | An article on page one in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster shows that Lancaster City’s police force actions that have resulted in lawsuits “totaling $326,000 over claims of police wrongdoing since October 2015. And the city’s paid in claims “that police used excessive force. In four cases, plaintiffs contended they were victims of wrongful arrest or due process violations.” According to the city’s business administrator, “The settlements aren’t an admission of wrongdoing by the city.” Yeah, right.

“Democracy attacked by coronavirusThe pandemic is being used as an excuse to crack down on freedoms, or to usurp power”Asia Times

Shoot that virus | “Meanwhile in countries like the United States, the notion of freedom is being used to undermine public health. This  piece explains how the Supreme Court is poised to expand gun rights, right at the moment of a national health crisis.”

curbside booze | “Three Fine Wine & Good Spirits stores in Lancaster County will begin offering curbside pickup today”Lancaster Online

Want to be tested? | Rite Aid has a new COVID-19 self-swab testing site at a Rite Aid store in York, located at 115 Leader Heights Road. BUT … you must be registered to be tested. 

rite aid covid testing“If you can manage jumping through the hoops at Rite-Aid’s Website, you’ll eventually get to this page to begin the registration process. You’d think there would be a more friendly and easier process to get Covid-19 screened.

CAUTION: LONG READ | Maybe this is what’s  happened with Americans; they’ve been “Stockholm Syndromed” by the criminals at the top of their political parties.

“The problem with Joe Biden is the same as with Donald Trump. | Never let a good waste go to crisis.”CounterPunch

forget toilet paper | “Here’s What Russians Hoarded When the Lockdown Began Bloomberg News

wingnut day in Harrisburg | “Thousands plan to demonstrate in front of the State Capitol, calling for the reopening of Pennsylvania’s economy, organizers say.”The Patch



  1. The Counter Punch essay by Joe Urie is right on. Both major political parties do what their bosses on Wall Street tell them. We need a new normal where ALL of the people live in peace and happiness, not what we currently have had before the pandemic with some 140 million Americans who live in poverty while 1% of us wallow in their riches and couldn’t care less about the rest of us.

    The two old white men competing for the presidency want to go back the normal they’ve experienced all of their rich lives. It is certain no matter which is elected, the great political divide, both to the right of center, will continue.

    During the last Democrat debate between Biden and Sanders, Joe was asked the question “If you were to become president, and the Congress passed a Medicare for All bill, would you sign it.” Biden instantly and loudly shouted “NO!” So much for a healthcare system that would be better for us all in the next four years if either guy is elected. Biden has mentioned a public option, but that is just another capitalist trick.

    As for the coming existential crisis called climate change, like COVID-19, it will continue to be ignored by these two factions.

    Here’s a note to both Joe and Donald: “The actress who played Pussy Galore in a James Bond movie passed away a couple of weeks ago. She was 94.

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