Thursday’s news items [thank you letter; seeds of dissent; the anxious child; masks for every citizen; systems contraction & more] – 4/23/2020

food bank lteLetter to the editor in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster

Another letter writer asks | “My question is: If it is safe to lift the quarantines and the social distancing, why aren’t Trump and Pence attending these protests, since they are actively encouraging them? They certainly have the time.”

lies and inaccuracies | are a way of life in Wonderland. IT WAS AMATEUR hour at the White House on Sunday, as the president’s effort to neutralize criticism of his failure to prepare for the coronavirus pandemic was undermined by his A/V team, and he mistakenly referred to the 1918 flu pandemic as something that happened in 1917 for the 24th time in the past five weeks.”

seeds of dissent | Can you just see State Representative Scott Martin’s reaction if oil lands protesters showed up with “look-alike” automatic weapons? Lancaster Online’s editorial questions extremist conservative funded protest at the Capitol building as “not the best move.” Befuddled watchers of the demonstration asked: “Why bring weapons to a protest?”

In phases | Pennsylvania: “Reopening Targeted for May 8 in North-Central, Northwest.”news release

Why mail-in voting? | “Milwaukee documents seven coronafirus cases linked to in-person voting.”The Intercept

implied promise for today | Columbia’s Weekly CoVID-19 update. Look for it at the borough facebook page.

a mask for every citizen | That’s the plan in Winston-Salem, NC

staff furloughs | in Lancaster City governmentMSN  [The School District of Lancaster may eliminate 23 positions and furlough up to eight employees — including three teachers— due to the financial impact of the coronavirus pandemic.” – from an article in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster.


ultimate collapse scenario | “Social Security and Medicare funds at risk even before virus” Associated Press 

“Postal Service collapse | could devastate seniors, small businesses and rural areas.”MSN

childhoodThis article begins on page 31 of this issue of The Atlantic

statesman statement? | “We’re not going to let them take advantage of this pandemic to solve a lot of problems that they created for themselves with bad decisions in the past. ” – The rat in Wonderland, Senator Mitch McConnell, when discussing whether states can declare bankruptcy.

flunkies say | what they’re told to say. Which is why the chief of VA says something different from what the science shows. – The Epoch Times


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