Friday’s news items [house auction; domestic violence awareness; furloughs & layoffs; trust in government & more] – 4/24/2020

house for auction

auction next week | Here’s a gorgeous Columbia property that’ll be up for auction on April 30. Property and house specifics and lots of photos are at the Website.

Help | for domestic violence victimsLancaster County District Attorney’s CrimeWatch page 

Many county police departments | have information about domestic violence awareness at their CrimeWatch pages. One goes further at its page:

Quarantine with family members does not mean that family and intimate partner crimes of violence or sexual abuse will not be investigated.  If you or a member of your family are in danger, call for help.  We recommend that you call the police, but if you don’t feel safe enough to do that now, there are agencies who can help.

Applying for a Protection From Abuse Order is considered an emergency legal matter.  The Lancaster County Court of Common Pleas is open for new petitions until 1:30 PM every weekday.  Tell the deputy sheriff at the main door security point that you want to apply for a PFA.  For more information and instructions, please call the Office of Bail Administration at 717-295-3584 or Domestic Violence Legal Clinic at 717-291-5826.

FEMA guidance | “Local governments should aim to conduct business remotely while continuing to make time-sensitive decisions.”

Stimulus payments | Millions are still waitingNewsy

political blame game | Let’s win this election with blame. Party follows DIC’s lead — blame others.- WITF

Aha! | Is someone starting to see the light? While others continue to stumble in the darkness?- NPR

“AP poll | Most Americans do not trust Trump’s info on coronavirus pandemic.”The Morning Call

Another reason why: looney tunes |“US president suggested in daily briefing that injection of disinfectant could kill the virus and ‘clean’ the lungs.”Al Jazeera

furloughs, reduced pay and layoffs | With so many companies, not-for-profits, hospitals and other organization rimming payroll coast to stay afloat; why do elected public servants (hogs at the troughs) in Harrisburg and Wonderland keep getting paid FULL PAY?

Who’s getting those small business loans? | Yesterday

“the House of Representatives just approved another round of COVID-19 relief, which will include more than $300 billion in loans for small businesses. During the last round of aid, about $350 billion was made available in loans through the Paycheck Protection Program.

“But it turned out that several major chains received a share of that small business cash. Even some publicly traded companies ended up getting $500 million in loans under the program, according to analysis by the Wall Street Journal.

“The biggest winner — nabbing a combined total of $59 million — was a luxury hotelier who previously donated to President Donald Trump. Some companies, like Shake Shack, voluntarily returned what they received. They were ahead of the curve: According to guidance released today by the Small Business Administration, public companies have until May 7 to return aid.

“States with smaller populations secured more loan money per capita than more populous coastal states, we reported today. The biggest winners were companies in the Upper Midwest and the Great Plains states, like Nebraska. Close relationships between businesses and bankers in states with smaller populations made the program easier to administer.” – SOURCE: MarketPlace e-letter

Much easier for big corporations to get loans | Banks Gave Richest Clients ‘Concierge Treatment’ for Pandemic Aid – Some businesses seeking coronavirus loans got to avoid flaky online portals or backed-up queues. Many other small businesses couldn’t get their loan requests submitted before the money dried up.” – The New York Times

Harder times coming? | “The director of the CDC says a second wave of the coronavirus outbreak will likely prove to be more destructive than the one we are currently facing.” – Newsy






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