Monday’s news items [apartment for rent; re-opening planning; & more] – 4/27/2020

locust street apartmentnice digs

apartments  available in the coming month or two$1245 / 4br – Locust St Apartments for Rent (Columbia) Craigslist

Area obituary | Delores E. BakerLancaster Online

and this is why we don’t want immigrants? | This son of an immigrant was accepted at all Ivy League schools and received acceptances from 17 school and universities in all. That’s something Stephen Miller and the DIC could never do.

In Italy, and everywhere | the role of leaders is to communicate with citizens. Government’s only real role is to protect its citizens and in Italy, “Mayors Act as Sentinels in Italy’s Coronavirus Tragedy: They have launched insult-armed drones. They have confronted scofflaws on the streets. They have gone incognito. And now they will enforce the rules for how Italians can resume their lives.” –

trough talk | Magically, when they begin plotting for their next job in at the government trough, even the “trumpo-sycophantic” enablers come out with moderate “open the state” plans of their own. Here’s one of Pennsylvania’s sitting US Senator’s one-age overview of his plan. It’s markedly different from the current governor’s.

Nationally | “Governors Discuss Reopening Plans as Pandemic Ebbs.”The Epoch Times

Every nation faces the same dilemma: when to open | here’s what’s happening in one province to the north: “Re-Open Saskatchewan is a plan built on a methodical and phased-in approach to slowly and responsibly lift restrictions on businesses and services. Flattening the curve and strengthening the system will remain priorities, as will our ability to manage the current COVID-19 pressures by building capacity in the coming weeks and months. Key elements will include increased testing and contact tracing, as well as the preparation of additional space and critical equipment.”

In Georgia | the governor went ahead and opened that state; despite the qualms of several of its cities’ mayors: “The mayor of Savannah called the decision ‘reckless, premature and dangerous.'” and Atlanta’s leader said the governor’s call “Kemp’s decision was not based on ‘anything logical.'” – The Guardian

favored dogeoodOur favorite dogwood is blossoming once again.

saving the post office | This opinion piece from Kirsten Gillibrand makes sense. This is a leader who knows how to lead — it’s not “Me first; it’s we first.”: “How the USPS Can Help During the Coronavirus.”

How long? | “Birx says social distancing will continue through summer.”The Boston Globe




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  1. Trough talk. The junior Senator from Pennsylvania seems to want to join the governor of Georgia in a bowling match. One would hope that neither rolls their balls into the corona gutters (troughs).

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