Trump Coronavirus cases report in Pennsylvania today (April 29, 2020)

covid-19 cases 04-29-2020

Pennsylvania Department of Health

day by new cases trump coronavirus-4-29


  1. Why is the PA Department of Health using the President’s name as a Covid19 descriptor? Is this their petty way of somehow blaming Trump for this? Really?? Your news site should be hanging its head in shame for repeating such politicization of a very serious subject. And shame on Gov. Wolf and his Department of Health for putting out such graphics blatantly using the President’s name in this regard. How about just calling it “Coronavirus cases reported in Pennsylvania for May 1.”

    • Mr. / Ms. Werner … As the person sitting in the White House began referring to the COVID-19 virus as the China Virus several months ago, we took the same privilege. Consistent, prudent, practiced response then, instead of unfettered irresponsible actions then could have fostered a much different response than we now have.

      It is our prerogative to call the The Trump Coronavirus what it is; he owns it.

      Hanging in shame? Hardly, we are proud to resist the inane, ignorance of the folks in Wonderland.

      • Yes, of course it’s your prerogative to do whatever you want.

        But did you know that MERS stands for the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome??? So for Trump to call this the China virus is very appropriate since that is its origin.

        But much more importantly is
        that death should NEVER be politicized. This is real. People are dying.

        Please play it straight and rethink your decision.

  2. J. Werner, President Trump has politicized the coronavirus from the beginning. If he had taken responsibility from when he knew about it in January(His aids were telling him about it that early), instead of denying for at least two months, by calling it a hoax, etc., we could have been proud of the most powerful man in the world. But the man who was elected to the position of POTUS did nothing to contain the coronavirus. He said, and I quote, “I take no responsibility at all.”

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