Tuesday’s news items [council meeting tonight; politicians vs science; retail’s new normal & more] – 5/12/2020

Reminder | Tune in to the Columbia Borough council meeting tonight at 7. It’ll also be livestreamed on the borough facebook page.

going rogue: politicians vs science | “County officials did not advise local hospital officials before deciding Sunday to begin a cautious reopening this week.”Lancaster Online

LNP – Always Lancaster editorial | … blasts the insurrectionists too in today’s editorial: “You’ve taken Lancaster County to the edge of a cliff. Is there any way of going back to a place where cooperation and reasoned discussion are possible?”

Remember | VOTE THEM OUT! All of the irresponsible insurrectionists. Their tactics are dangerous.

obituaries of local interest | John Gowarty

LEGAL NOTICE | ““The Zoning Hearing Board of the Borough of Columbia will meet on Wednesday, May 27, 2020 at 7:00 P.M., in the Municipal Building at 308 Locust Street, Columbia, PA, to consider the following application(s) and/or appeal(s):

COVID-19_rumors_myths_1600(Credit: UN COVID-19 Response/Unsplash)

“myths, conspiracy theories, disinformation, and false news” | “How to defend yourself from COVID-19 myths and lies.”Futurity

In with the new | “With Traditional Rites of Passage on Hold, High School Principals Find New Ways to Honor Graduating Seniors”Route Fifty

A-lopbam-boom | Little Richard’s saucy style underpins today’s hits”The Conversation


sometimes? | ‘Don’t ask me. Ask China’: Trump clashes with reporters then abruptly leaves press briefingPresident lashes out at Asian American journalist who queried his constant emphasis on being first in testing” – The Guardian

COVID-19 testing | It’s easy for some. – Newsy

Deadly game: It’s science vs politicians | “Officials are under pressure to restart the economy, but many states are moving too quickly, researchers say. The costs may be measured in lost lives.” – The New York Times

Fauci facts: “needless pain and suffering” | “Fauci will issue a stark warning on the risks of reopening too soon.” The New York Times

once a model | “South Korea Closes Thousands Of Nightclubs As Infections Spike”Newsy

bees“Unfortunately, insects are mostly invisible to the public. They are vital to our survival in so many ways, but they are often taken for granted until a crisis makes them impossible to ignore,” says Damon Hall.” (Credit: Getty Images)

“Good news for pollinators | People love bees.”Futurity

nedw retail normalClick on the graphic.



  1. Here is my proposal for economic recovery.

    It is apparent that virus related law suits will be manifold and will persist for years. If everyone who is currently unemployed were retrained in the law, I believe we can sue each other, back and forth, until we return to prosperity.

    • Yepper, Mr. D … you do bring a smile and chuckle to our minds. Thank you for your always welcome commentary.

  2. Love how our wonderful elected officials didn’t consult any health officials before saying Lancaster County will open on Friday.
    Hope they aren’t planning to use the CARES Act money since we won’t see it now because of their decision. The elected official who signed the letter should give up their salaries or maybe they should be furloughed. They are useless and just want to have a resurge of the virus and then that will make everything worse and then the county will get no financial help from the state because they put everyone and everything in jepordy. They all need voted out.

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