Let’s get some consistency! Do something, state legistators!


Wouldn’t it be great — wouldn’t it be useful — if every county in Pennsylvania had consistent reporting?

Particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic, consistency of reporting would allay so many fears and questions.

Here are reports from the Berks County Coroner’s office:

COVID-19 Webpage Data — Demographics and locations

COVID-19 Totals — Breakdown of totals

There is no information similar to this at the Lancaster County Coroner’s Office.


York County’s Coroner’s Office has practically no pertinent information.

Lebanon County’s Coroner’s Office has no information.

Cumberland County’s Coroner’s Office has nothing either.

So, here you go … Lancaster County’s elected public servants holding state legislative positions … if you really want to be helpful, get your butts in gear and draft some legislation that gets transparency and consistency among all the county coroner’s offices across the state. Do something positive for a change.


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  1. Europe lost 25-30% of its population to the Black Death. Presently, due to the Covid virus, 25-30 % of the population has lost their minds.

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