Thursday’s news items [comments disabled from county commissioners’ meeting; borough seeks citizen & business owner ideas; “pop-up” food distribution in Wrightsville & more – 5/14/2020

down | “CPI for all items falls 0.8% in April; gasoline and other declines outweigh food increases” –  US Bureau of Labor Statistics

If you missed it | Yesterday’s County Commissioners’ meeting: bristling commentary and  what — over 1,000 citizen comments have been disabled from this public file.

news release | Borough, Chamber seek your input on opening the borough

partners: Us Census Bureau and VFW | “Helping Our Nation’s Military and Veteran Communities Get the Support They Deserve”US Census Bureau

Americans say | two main sources of COVID-19 misinformation are social media and Donald TrumpNieman Lab

wrightsville food pop up

“On Saturday | York County Food Bank to Hold Pop-Up Food Distribution in Wrightsville Serving Eastern York County on Saturday, May 16 – news release

“sensible policymaking and a government framework rooted in facts, fairness and democratic principles.” | “Amid Pandemic, A Call to Rebalance State and Local Power.” Route Fifty

from the lips of another Kentucky crackpot | “Rand Paul Tells Dr. Anthony Fauci He Should Have a Little ‘Humility’”GQ

another reason why we need female leaders | “Two Female Reporters Refused to Let Trump Bully Them Into Silence, So He Ran Away”The Intercept

Mad Max scenario | “Militias Direct Coronavirus Anger at State and Local Governments”Route Fifty



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  1. The falling cost of living will mean no increase in Social Security benefits next year. I am fortunate and haven’t started taking mine yet. I am rather PO’d that I’m old enough to do so.

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