Friday’s news items [selection day; Market House roof repairs; “I’m here from the government … ” and other lies & more” – 5/29/2020

through the roof | Market House roof repairs in another report about Tuesday’s council meting. – Lancaster Online (NOTE: Posted at the Borough Website, Borough Council Work Session scheduled June 2, 2020 is canceled.)

Why is Tuesday’s meeting posted? | Because that’s the day that the “look-alike” primary political parties have their “paid for by the public” picnic. That’s Primary election day – a chance for those registered to pick from those selected by party big wigs to carry the party banner in preparation for the general election in November.

prmary election

In a ideal model | Tuesday’s election offers thinking, responsible adult voters the opportunity to select the candidates who most reflect the integrity, character and promise of the American ideal. It offers the opportunity to look at the pretenders who are already holding public service offices and to reject them based on their track records.

It offers Republican voters the opportunity to consider whether Dave Hickernell or Brent Miller or other insurrectionists and connivers get to represent us or whether those registered will  vote for another contender.

It allows registered voters to decide which of the the party “faithfuls” will be elected to represent citizens at the huge party parties in the fall – the separate conventions. Will voters select Josh Parsons, another insurrectionist, and Lloyd Smucker as delegates?  Will voters select Jenna Geesey as an alternate delegate to the masquerade ball?

Oh, yeah, party registered voters also get to vote for national and state offices. The “look-alike” party registered voters get to vote for one of two “old white men” for the highest elected public servant office holder in the land, too.

Is MURDER BY COP in the fabric of the nation? | Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Tamir Rice … and now “George Floyd Joins A Series Of High-Profile 2020 Police Killings.”Newsy

“hydroxy” draw back | In spite of the “whack-job” in Wonderland’s sales pitch, “VA says it has ‘ratcheted down’ use of hydroxychloroquine to treat veterans.”The Washington Post

Trust me: I’m from the government and I’m here to help you! | Really? Can anyone believe anything coming from the “whack-job” in Wonderland’s insanity conditions and reactions: “White House and CDC remove coronavirus warnings about choirs in faith guidance?” The Washington Post

Cough, cough – welcome to the future | “The bad news quietly buried during the pandemic.”Columbia Journalism Review

Nit-twit’s beef with Twitter | “Because of Twitter’s decision to try to provide people with facts about voting by mail, the Revenger-in-Chief reportedly will sign an executive order today designed to hurt social media companies as much as possible.

“The move has to do with Section 230, the federal law that spares the companies from liability for the content posted on their platforms and lets them decide how to police that content. In other words, if you post something that is libelous on Facebook, the person you libeled can sue you, but he can’t sue Facebook.

“Without that protection, the companies — Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google, Instagram, and others — would have to read and approve every comment, post, and video before it goes live.

“Unfortunately, there’s lots of harmful content posted and the companies can’t keep up: hate speech, threats by domestic terrorists, and election falsehoods peddled by the right.

“Trump doesn’t care about any of that; he claims the platforms are trying to silence conservative voices, sans evidence. So his order would let the feds accuse the companies of suppressing free speech when they move to suspend users or delete posts. Only by conservatives, of course. His tweets that MSNBC host Joe Scarborough is a murderer don’t count.

“Trump, ever the constitutional scholar, apparently is unaware that the First Amendment applies to the attempt to suppress speech by the government, not by private companies. Somebody, quick, grab a Sharpie and draw him a picture. Add pretty colors.

“He’s also trying to hurt the companies by cutting the amount of federal money spent on advertising on the platforms. How petty.

“Anyway, courts have always upheld the companies’ immunity on First Amendment grounds, and legal observers say they are unlikely to allow the kind of oppressive government control that Trump is seeking — control over free speech and influence over the decisions that private companies make about how to run their businesses.” – Fast Forward

“‘This Is So Unfair to Me’ | Trump Whines About His COVID-19 Victimhood as Campaign Flails”Vanity Fair

“The Creatures That Devoured Leningrad | Even in the worst of times, some people gather enormous strength and devotion to do the right things. This is a really good article to read. “The Siege of Leningrad imposed horrific conditions on its residents, severe food shortages among them. Remarkably, many of the animals in the city’s zoo survived.” History Today

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