Sunday’s news – OPINIONS – 5/31/2020

 … then “there will be no change.” | The reason there re demonstrations of protest in Lancaster and everywhere is that without protest and demonstration there can be no change. “Status quo” elected public servants have done nothing of consequence to achieve, guarantee or assure “racial justice” and equity during the decades they’ve been sucking off the public teat. Vested clowns like Mitch McConnell have done nothing. It’s time to VOTE THEM OUT!


VOTE THEM OUT | Quit sending “political lifers” who are tone-deaf to social injustice to public service office —  they’ve avoided the real issues in the US for decades. The elected public servants locally, in Harrisburg and Wonderland have done nothing — nothing —  to address hundreds of years of injustice. Instead of voting for “do nothings” who do nothing but protect and preserve the “status quo” of inequality and inequity, reject these do nothings. VOTE THEM OUT! 

“One nation indivisible – with liberty and justice for all.” | Every citizen recites, in rote manner, those words regularly — it is time to start understanding and believing in what the words of the Pledge to America are saying.

“Trump Is the Looter | The president is exposing problems in America that most did not want to see.”The Atlantic

Penn State’s James Franklin | ““My heart is broken, my beliefs have been challenged, and my emotions are raw. These senseless deaths are a symptom of a larger problem and in moments like this, silence is deafening indifference.” – MSN News

dangerous concepts | “Concepts such as unity, organization, and struggle are immediately labeled as dangerous. In fact, of course, these concepts are dangerous — to the oppressors — for their realization is necessary to actions of liberation.” – From the book Pedagogy of the oppressed.

columbia voting places

Tuesday’s voting places  | Tuesday’s election is only the primary election; it’s the restrictive election process for the primary two “lookalike” parties. But those who are registered with one of these parties, here’s your chance to VOTE THEM OUT before the general election. If they are “elected public servants”  who already hold office — and they’ve done nothing but maintain the status quo – VOTE THEM OUT!

on this they agree | NFL Commissioner and Colin Kaepernick finally agree on this: “Roger Goodell says ‘tragic events’ call for ‘urgent need for action’” –  – The Los Angeles Times

when nobody listens or seems to care |”Thousands of Complaints Do Little to Change Police Ways”The New York Times


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