Thursday’s news items [still no agenda!; division; vigilantes; music through the streets & more] – 6/11/2020

Lancaster Online architecture column | “English style shown in Columbia mansion” 

America Fails the Marshmallow TestWe lack the will to beat Covid-19.” – Paul Krugman Column in The New York Times 

dangerous path | “Pa. lawmakers approved a resolution ending Wolf’s coronavirus emergency declaration. Next up: a legal battle.”Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

‘An American fiasco’ | US hits grim milestone of 2m Covid-19 cases.Pandemic has devastated US, but experts warn lack of testing and early reopening mean ‘we’re only seeing the tip of the iceberg’” – The Guardian

“What happens if we reopen too early? | Let’s look at 1918 …” This Business Insider article tells what happened:

“As debates rage about whether we should prioritize health or the economy — and about when and how to reopen — we should keep this in mind.

“Studies of the “Great Influenza” of 1918 concluded that cities that adopted “non-pharmaceutical intervention” measures earlier and kept them in place for longer did better, both health-wise and economically. Specifically, they had fewer deaths and their economies recovered faster.

“In other words, in 1918 it wasn’t health or the economy. It was health and the economy.”


Who are those guys? | That’s what the police chief and elected public servants are asking. Cutting through green tape: Who called the militia to ‘protect’ during Elizabethtown protest” Lancaster Online 

Considering? | “Lancaster County Commissioners considering changes in response to George Floyd protests” Lancaster Online

We have to talk | “Discussion about criminal justice reform to continue at NAACP webinar”Lancaster Online – There’s an agenda for the conversations,register here.

Surprise party | Unlike the agenda above, there’s still no agenda posted for tonight’s Parks & Recreation Committee meeting in Columbia.

White Privilege | Lancaster Online opinion cartoon

music route

“Call it what you want… | “Music in the Streets”, “Music Through Town”, or “Front Porch Music” and join the Columbia Lions in a fun summer event. Due to the current pandemic, Music in the Park for June has been cancelled. Instead, why not join the Kracker Beez from your front porch, window, yard, or curbside in Columbia? The Kracker Beez play a variety: Classic Rock, Pop and R&B from the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s! This event is is scheduled for Friday, June 19, 2020 from 6:30pm to 8pm (rain date June 20). They will take a route through town (map attached) playing music on the entire route, and stop at 12 locations (dots on map) for many to enjoy. With an hour and a half of music, we hope you understand, it is not possible to hit every street/area in town. The band will be accompanied by local police as well as Lion members. Donations will be accepted and appreciated (all proceeds help fund Columbia Lions Club community projects). Please continue social distancing during the event if you decide to watch from a specific area/location and stay safe! Looking forward to seeing many through town on June 19th!– facebook page

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