Thursday’s news items, part 2 [inconvenient and ugly truths; caring in our towns; Library ZOOM offerings; letters-to-the-editor & more] – 6/25/2020

TRUTH IS UGLY: it hurts to see racists in our towns | “Tense protest in Manheim on Tuesday night: ‘This is my home, and it hurts'” Lancaster Online

Caring in our towns | “Etown Fire Dept. helps families see loved ones”Lancaster Online

Casualties in our towns | During travels yesterday to several towns in Berks, Lebanon, Lancaster and Dauphin Counties, we heard the stories of little business store closings in West Reading, Womelsdorf and Middletown. “Lancaster County’s smallest businesses seek triple the aid available from local recovery fund”Lancaster Online

Rainbow Parfait with Kilene

Johnny Appleseed SRP 2020

Ryan Myth and Magic of Insects SRP 2020Library ZOOM presentations | The Columbia Public Library invites you to “Join us virtually!!

To register, simply email and let us know number of adults and number of children who will be viewing.  In the subject line, type “Kilene”, “Johnny”, or “Ryan” (or all three!!)

We will send you the link before the program begins!!

Please do NOT share links on Facebook groups, as it may cause virus issues.  Thank you!!

It’s a “Fung Ku” World | At least in this country it is as the bad guys in government keep getting ahead; the head racist in the White House continues to try to deflect his inept handling of the Trump Coronavirus and everyday citizens pay the price.

Kudos School Board | LNP – Always Lancaster‘s School Briefs includes this from last Thursday’s School Board of Directors’ meeting:

The district adopted a resolution to support social justice and diversity. Board President Charles Leader read aloud a formal statement from the school board, which calls for the elimination of inequity and systemic racism in its education system.

“’The Columbia Borough School District Board of School Directors stands in solidarity with the Black community in our schools, district, and nation to condemn this violence,’ Leader said. ‘We see it, we hear it, and we are committed to changing the system.'”

Columbia Borough? | nothing yet. But in Manheim Township, the Board vice-president of the Board of Commissioners read a statement at its recent meeting: “The killings of George Floyd, Brionna Taylor and too many Black Americans at the hands of the police have shown how far we have to go to end systemic racism in this country, specifically in law enforcement.” And “Board President Sam Mecum said he’s received six emails in appreciation of the police department. ‘They’re not aware of any abuse, but they think this is a good time to develop a dialogue between the police and the community.'”

Letters to the editor | in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster:


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