Saturday’s news items [Market House update; end of news; use of force & more] – 7/11/2020

market house

Follow the progress | of the modernization of Columbia’s Market House at it’s facebook page.

Insurrectionists abound | Letters from an American reports: “And in Texas, where Houston hospitals have run out of room for more patients and are turning them away, county Republican parties have voted to censure Governor Greg Abbott for requiring face masks to slow the spread of the virus. They say such an order is government overreach.” 

Local xenophobia | It just seeps in like raw sewage with comments like this one at the Columbia Police Department facebook page: “new culture is getting worse everyday in columbia.”

Hope you caught last night’s CBS evening news | If you didn’t catch this story about two Uniontown, PA men, it’s a wonderful testimony to doing the right thing: “Man saves police officer from burning vehicle despite his history with police.” 

Anxious, depressed, confused? | “There’s been a lot written about how this pandemic is pushing the United States into a mental health crisis.  According to Census Bureau data, already a third of Americans are feeling severe anxiety and nearly a quarter show signs of depression.” – This is uncomfortable

Meanwhile, DIC’s dirty motives | continue to kill American citizens at a world leading pace while he focuses giving “get out of jail cards” to his lying, robbing scoundrel buddies.

blank newspaper

new book | “Ghosting the News: Local Journalism and the Crisis of American Democracy.” One review of the book says, “Rather than ‘here is what’s happening,’ we ask each other what’s happening. We rely on the mayor’s Facebook posts, on the police department’s text updates and on reports by citizens who have the time and inclination to sit through city council meetings on Zoom and write them up.”

Last man standing | This is a (WARNING: LONG READ) good story about a Pottstown Mercury reporter and his trek to keep citizens informed in this time of pandemic and corporate raiders. Read this New York Times article: “The Last Reporter in Town Had One Big Question for His Rich Boss: His newspaper has withered under a hedge fund. His industry was in turmoil even before a pandemic. But Evan Brandt won’t stop chronicling his town.” There’s a comparison with Lancaster Newspapers in the article.

Lebanon’s transparent “use of force” policy | is included in its police department’s Police Manual which is at the department’s Website.

leb use of forcepart of the department’s “use of force” policy that begins on page 72 of the Police Manual.

crocchronMonday | Zoom into the Columbia Public Library


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