Wednesday’s news items, part 2 – [news from others sources] – 7/15/2020

“14 Coronavirus myths | busted by science”LiveScience

“Wait ’til next year | Giving up on 2020, looking toward 2021″Associated Press

line laundry

If you wondered, here’s why | “line-dried laundry smells so good” – Futurity

Today is | Tax Day.

He sues; what else is new | If he’s not being sued; he sues: “Trump re-election campaign sues Pa. Secretary of State and all 67 county boards of election over mail-in ballots”Pennsylvania Record

OPINION | “The perfect storm: Fauci’s truth vs. Trump’s lies”The Boston Globe

Uncovered | “New police reform law exempts officer disciplinary records database from public disclosure.”PA Post

“Free mental health services | for workers in Lancaster County”FOX43-TV

Costly living | “You need to earn $19.23 an hour to afford a two-bedroom apartment in Pennsylvania.”PennLive

cln pleascreenshot extracted from an email from Columbia Life Network – Donate now

Mask up | “Local governments and companies encourage masks in absence of federal policy.”MarketPlace

Code words and phrases | The comments at social media pages are sometimes openly homophobic, racist, xenophobic and hateful. Sometimes, though, those commenting favor code words and/or phrases.


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