Monday’s news items [car for sale; hot enough?; witch doctors & more] – 8/3/2020

CAR FOR SALE  | 1992 Toyota Camry – 113,000 miles – ONLY $1,250


Countywide distribution | The above summary report about the most recent borough council meeting is in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster. Click on the graphic to enlarge it. The working agenda and accompanying packet are posted at the Borough Website.

safer streets | Harrisburg has adopted “Vision Zero” projects to make its streets safer for pedestrians.

“Vision Zero Street embodies Vision Zero principles, and in all aspects should reduce motor vehicle traffic, increase accessibility and protect the most vulnerable users of the street. To qualify as a Vision Zero Street, a design must achieve three core functions:

    1. Discourage speeding by design
    2. Encourage walking, biking, and/or public transit use
    3. Provide accessibility to all, regardless of age or physical ability” – Vision Zero Streets

Full page ad | This full page ad about proposed amendments to Pennsylvania’s Constitution is in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster.


“I told the witch doctor … ” | POTUS is dead set against immigrants … unless he can find those who buy into his crackpot thoughts. He’s now spouting praise for his “favorite COVID Doctor”, Why? Because the doctor is a hydroxychloroquine pusher.

Hot enough for you? | Was July hot enough for you? Did your nearly non-stop air conditioning jack up your electric bill to a new high? Well, The Old  Farmer’s Almanac says there’s more to come, but “Temperatures will drop as autumn arrives in September.”



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