“Lancaster Mayor Sorace pledges racial equity in addressing policing, city jobs, housing” –

lancaster's commitmentThe city’s Website landing page is transparent; it clearly lists links to its commitments to citizens, business operators and visitors and its use of force policy.

Harrisburg and York also have Use of force  policies at their Website landing pages. Contrast with Columbia’s Website where neither is shown.

Lancaster’s taken the initiative as its elected public servants have answered the need to  embrace racial and cultural equity and inclusiveness. 

“Mayor Danene Sorace this week responded to this summer’s protests by issuing an ambitious, 22-point framework that commits Lancaster city to racial equity and accountability in policing, employment practices and community development.

“The three-page document builds upon pledges Sorace made during the height of the Black Lives Matter protests in early June. She committed at that time to banning chokeholds, de-escalation training and other reforms.

“’We have to make sure that the city government is rooted in equity,’ Sorace said in reading her new commitments Tuesday night before City Council. ‘This means setting more ambitious communitywide goals around things like affordable housing and good jobs.’”

Read more at Lancaster Online.


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