Saturday’s news items [rent relief; FREE webinar; “pretext” traffic stops & more] – 9/5/2020

a letter to Lloyd | In today’s LNP – Always Lancaster, this letter writer wants to know, “Getting back to Social Security, I wonder about my finances and those of my retired friends. Don’t mess with my Social Security unless you have a better plan in mind. So, what is this better plan? It would be greatly comforting to know what that may be. Would it not?”

“I’m in charge and you’re not.” It’s an “attitude.” | “Police ‘Pretext’ Traffic Stops Need to End, Some Lawmakers Say.”Route Fifty

It’s a cult! | “Among Republicans who voted for Trump in 2016, 49 percent considered themselves more Trump backers than GOP backers … “Huffington Post

ugly past

WARNING: Long read | “Ax handle Saturday.”The Bitter Southerner

“losers”  and “suckers” | | “When even the Fox News Channel vouched for it (Trump’s saying that American warriors who died in battle), Trump tweeted that the FNC reporter who covered the story ought to be fired.” – Letters from an American

Adult Book Club - the Other Wes Moore - September 9, 2020

Moral Injury Webinar

“Moratorium or no, | seek rental relied if you need it, Tabor president advises.”One United Lancaster

as election nears, it’s lies on all sides | “Biden campaign attacks a Trump Social Security ‘plan’ that does not exist.”The Washington Post

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