Friday’s news items [What if … ” part 2; local obituary; football begins & more] – 9/18/2020

This is the rest of the story of what happened in the world transposed into what appears to be happening in the world. It is “borrowed” for exploratory reading, comparison, thought and discussion. It is “borrowed” from a lengthy piece published in a law journal in 1993. The long-read article, for those wanting to read it is here.

The phrase What If written on a blackboard

What if … | Part two. Click here to read “They shoot lawyers, don’t they? Law in the Third Reich and the global threat to the independence of the Judiciary.”

“The title of president was abolished and Hitler was proclaimed as Fuerrer and Reich Chancellor. Adolph Hitler now assumed the added power of head of state and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces. The single threat to his centralization of poer was eliminated when the military willingly swore an oath of unconditional obedience to Adolf Hitler as the Fuehrer and Supreme Commander.”

In the next election, “95% of the registered voters went to the polls and 38 million or 90% approved his usurpation of power,” The foundation for the new order now had been firmly established.

This contempt for democratic procedures and consolidation of power should not be surprising; that demagogue and the one we see today follow parallel paths. The epilogue of that despot less than 100 years ago contained the slaughter of millions of people and the decimation of a nation that would not recover for decades. What’s next for any nation that follows that path?


Local interest obituary | Charles H. DonnanLancaster Online

It’s high school football, “Columbia at Lancaster Catholic | Chris Maiorino makes his debut as the Crusaders’ new boss in this match up of former Section 3 rivals. Two new quarterbacks on display in this clash, as Columbia’s Robert Footman and Catholic’s Mason McClair will make their signal-calling debuts. … Key kid: Columbia is certainly loaded in the pass-catching department, with multiple key receivers due back. The Tide also returns its leading rusher; Justin Elliott scooted for 425 yards and five touchdowns last fall, averaging 6.5 yards per carry. He’s a weapon. If Catholic is having success limiting Columbia’s passing attack, Elliott has the skills to pick up the slack on the ground.” – Lancaster Online 

If you’re attending | The game is at 7:00 pm at Lancaster Catholic High School Stadium Complex – Crusader Stadium and the Crusaders are ranked really high in state rankings.

Inside track | “Mountville takes on retired police chief as borough manager”Lancaster Online

Unconstitutional crap | from LNP – Always Lancaster‘s editorial today: “We are glad that Roth and Reinaker moved Thursday to reduce the $1 million bails. We wish those actions hadn’t been needed, though. Those who were charged should not have been subject to excessive bail amounts that left them sitting in jail for days.” We agree, no matter what the right wing extremists bleat about on their social media page racist comments.

veterans letter

rational veterans counter attack | Several letters to the editor in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster take to task the wildly extremist political letter to the editor in Wednesday’s newspaper.

cbsd hiring

Columbia Borough School District  | Employment Opportunities

School Board vacancy | Last night’s school board of director’s meeting agenda contained this item: Accept Resignation of Cole Knighton effective September 7, 2020. For reasons that escape logic, the meeting video is not yet posted at the district’s you tube video archive. 


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