Nuisance neighbors

Yesterday someone brought to our attention that there are establishments with liquor licenses that are violating the terms of their licenses. Pennsylvania’s Liquor Control Board (PLCB) is the agency that issues licenses to dispense to retail establishments and to private clubs. While the PLCB is not the enforcement agency (the State Police are), “The Board, however, is charged by statute with authority to issue licenses, to make regulations, and to protect the safety, peace, health and welfare of the Commonwealth [47 P.S. § 1-104(a)].  The Nuisance Bar Program was established within this scope of Board authority.” 

The truth is that most establishments holding liquor licenses do a super job of operating within community standards guidelines. These operators have had spotless records with regard to being valuable members of their communities. Many of them have made contributions to youth athletic programs, charitable organizations and … well, they are good neighbors.

But, what if your community has a tiny percentage of “nuisance” operators who demonstrate a lack of concern for the laws and for their neighbors? Again, one of America’s great attributes is “transparency.” Anyone with computer access can go to the PLCB’s Website and take a look at the liquor license holders in their community. And you can see who the violators are and what they have been cited for. If you want to read more about how citizens and communities can work together to build good neighbors, the PLCB has produced a brochure Nuisance Bars-Stop and Go Regs to help you know what to do.

Good neighbors do not break laws. Good neighbors really care about what their neighbors think about them. Good neighbors are not nuisances.


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