worthwhile reading in today’s newspapers

We found the following worthwhile reading in today’s Intelligencer Journal/New Era:


Pam Guilfoyle, Washington Boro, (Teachers did it, will lawmakers?) lauds school district personnel who are agreeing to not take pay raises while challenging “public servants” in the Commonwealth’s legislature to “actually putting in the time and effort to do the jobs that you were elected to do.”

Steve A. Shannon, Lancaster, (Corbett’s budget a real ‘gem’) wonders who created the deficit: citizens or “Could it have been caused by the wasteful spending of our 253 honest lawmakers?” 

Irene and Stan Buch, Manor Township, (The people are speaking) agree “that our new governor should tax Marcellus shale and cut the Legislature.”


We always read the Kim Komando column in the Intel; today Kim alerts her readers to the danger of inadvertent and innocent information sharing in digital photography. Read today’s column and find out more about Cree.py.

And from the York Daily Record:

Police and firefighters have tough jobs

Read more about a Wrightsville man’s issue incidents: Wrightsville man Tasered repeatedly after fighting with police, firefighters

From the Reading Eagle:

As tax filing time approaches, there is a column about tax season entitled “Trying to beat tax man a losing game – Believe these myths and you could land in jail.” The article cites this IRA publication: The truth about frivolous tax arguments.

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