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Bus crash on Turnpike near Lancaster-Lebanon Interchange

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August 13, 2011 — MOUNT GRETNA, Pa. (AP) — A Greyhound bus bound for St. Louis from New York City flipped on its side on the Pennsylvania Turnpike early Saturday, briefly trapping a woman and injuring about two dozen people, authorities said. Read the story here.

Lancaster Newspapers, Inc. local update.

elected “public servant’s” newsletter: prevailing wage and willful misconduct

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This information is extracted from the newsletter from one of the “good guys” who takes seriously the responsibilities of an elected “public servant.” State Representative Ryan Aument, we believe, is doing the “right stuff.” 

“The House Labor and Industry Committee, to which I am a member of, held a joint hearing this week with the Senate on legislation to address the ‘voluntary quit’ and ‘willful misconduct’ eligibility provisions in Pennsylvania’s Unemployment Compensation Law. House Bill 1754 would tighten unemployment eligibility for individuals who voluntarily quit their jobs by requiring such persons to demonstrate they did so for reasons that are directly attributable to their employment. The bill also addresses willful misconduct by defining specific actions that would lead to ineligibility of benefits. In cases where a court ruling is made in willful misconduct cases, the bill would not allow a judge’s opinion to affect the final decision on the awarding of benefits.

In addition, legislation was also introduced that would use occupational wage data as a means to establish prevailing wage rates in Pennsylvania. The Prevailing Wage Act of 1961 Read the rest of this entry »

today’s news … Saturday, August 13

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today’s news and information gleanings from here and there! Today’s Weather!   Today in History!

Quote for today“Politicians and diapers have one thing in common. They should both be changed regularly, and for the same reason.” – Author unknown. (Great-Quotes.com. Gledhill Enterprises, 2011.)

“Keep an eye on the underlying economic threat, not market ups and downs”

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“A fiscally responsible US president would have joined with responsible members of Congress in refusing to sign a further increase in the debt ceiling.”

The world is watching the debacle in Washington – this “clown show” featuring “corporately-owned clowns” masquerading as responsible “public servants.”

According to an article written by an Australian professor, “Global share markets were faltering even before the decision by Standard & Poor’s to downgrade the US government’s debt. The slump in share markets over the past week reflects a weaker outlook for the world economy – even if markets have recovered somewhat over the past day(s). Read the rest of this entry »