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today’s news … Thursday, August 18

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Quote for today“My sober and considered judgement is that at this stage Federal aid would be a disservice to the unemployed.”  – President Herbert Hoover, 1932 State of the Union Address 

  • Now they are “closing in on him(LancsterOnline) –Alleged “bad actor” still on the run. (Lancaster Intelligencer Journal/New Era)
  • Job opportunity,  Museum Gallery & Security Attendant, part-time, at the National Watch & Clock Museum. (www.craigslist.org)
  • Midway Hotel for sale at craigslist.
  • We’re hearing rumblings that the fire department consolidation “consultant’s initial report” has created consternation among more than a few.
  • Serious “open debate” took place at last night’s H.A.R.B. meeting (for a review of the mission, composition and direction of the Historic Architectural Review Board, click here.) The debate centered on an issue of propriety and validity of H.A.R.B decisions; more specifically, what is supposed to happen when the Board approves a proposed design and the end result differs markedly from the original (or subsequent modifications) submission submitted. The Board, in an earlier action, asked a business entity to respond to a question about  the issue. The entity responded with a letter that, essentially, stated “they had met all of the municipal Read the rest of this entry »

Margaritaville, Hooverville, Kayakville

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“Britain’s Riots: Thuggery, Looting, Lawlessness… By the Ruling Class”

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“The looting, thievery and lawlessness that (Prime Minister) Cameron so condemns is but the reflection at the street level of British society of what is taking place on a much greater scale at the upper echelons of government and the economy.”

“Despite the appearance of pinstripe suits and well-groomed accents, we can, if we are honest, see decades of looting and thievery of economic and financial resources by corporate elites aided and abetted by Labour and Conservative governments. The taxpayer bailout of corrupt banks initiated by Labour PM Gordon Brown and now overseen by Cameron, paid for in large part by austerity in public spending cuts, is but the latest manifestation of official robbing of the majority to swell the Read the rest of this entry »