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today’s news … Saturday, September 17

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Quote for today…  “Everybody calls everybody a spy, secretly, in Russia, and everybody is under surveillance. You never feel safe.” – Agnes Smedley

  • Columbia’s Marilyn Ngo is Lancaster Intelligencer/New Era‘s “Teen of the Week
  • Someone asked us about businesses with “flashing signs” in their windows.

Guess what? According to the Borough code, those signs are not allowed. “§ 220-53 Prohibited signs. The following signs are prohibited in all zoning districts: Flashing, blinking, twinkling, animated or moving signs of any type, except time and temperature signs may flash. In addition, flashing lights visible from a street shall not be used to attract attention to a business. This restriction specifically includes window signs …”  Funny thing is that we  counted nearly a dozen of them around town (that includes more than a half dozen on one block of a main street. If it’s a code or a law, enforce it. If you do not want to enforce it, get it off the books. 

Be part of the “lively event” at Columbia’s Historic Mt. Bethel Cemetery

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Cemeteries are, many times, perceived as quiet, somber and lifeless places where heads look down and we speak in low tones out of respect for our surroundings.

Historic Mount Bethel Cemetery, located on 10 acres in uptown Columbia at 700 Locust Street will change that perception on Sunday, September 18th with a lively event meant to entertain, educate and inform attendees from 2pm until dusk.

Join us for our first annual fundraiser event “Living History in Mount Bethel Cemetery – One Story at a Time – Honoring Veterans”. The day’s events will include Children’s Activities, organized by local educator at Park School, Jane Moore; Cemetery tours, “Honoring Veterans” created by Janet Wood of Regalia Costumers; a Benefit Art Show and Sale in the Caretaker Cottage organized by local artist Dale Weibley featuring six local artists depicting the beauty that is Mount Bethel.

The day’s activities culminate in a Read the rest of this entry »

Women: The Invisible Poor

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“The Census Bureau’s latest figures on poverty show that U.S. women are hit hardest in every category, but somehow the major media omitted that in their reports. Leslie Bennetts reveals what was missed.”

Spencer Platt / Getty Images

This Daily Beast report on poverty in the United States is particularly revealing and distressing and … unreported.

“When the U.S. Census Bureau released the latest poverty statistics this week, the news was predictably bleak—or at least the news that people were given. But there was a little something the major media omitted from their coverage.

“That minor detail? Half the population. Read the rest of this entry »