Women: The Invisible Poor

“The Census Bureau’s latest figures on poverty show that U.S. women are hit hardest in every category, but somehow the major media omitted that in their reports. Leslie Bennetts reveals what was missed.”

Spencer Platt / Getty Images

This Daily Beast report on poverty in the United States is particularly revealing and distressing and … unreported.

“When the U.S. Census Bureau released the latest poverty statistics this week, the news was predictably bleak—or at least the news that people were given. But there was a little something the major media omitted from their coverage.

“That minor detail? Half the population.

“The larger half.

“And when it comes to the latest economic data on women, the news is even worse than most people seem to realize. But you couldn’t learn that by readingThe New York Times or The Wall Street Journal, neither of which even mentioned women in their front-page stories about the rise in the poverty rate, which has soared to its highest level since 1993.

“When it comes to discovering what that means for the majority of the American population, one had to look elsewhere. For the news the big guys didn’t see fit to print, we can thank the National Women’s Law Center, a Washington-based nonprofit organization that focuses on women’s economic security and legal rights.”

Read the article in its entirety here.

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