“if you see evil happening in your town, DO SOMETHING.”

Some time ago, we posted an article about a situation in an Arizona town. The situation centered on a woman being arrested for voicing her opinion during a municipal meeting.

The situation has now resulted in the mayor’s resignation; investigation by the state attorney journal; a federal law suit and swarms of national media attention.

Government, at all levels, is accountable to its citizens. The rights of freedom of speech, expression and press are inviolate.

Here are links to follow-up on “a real-life soap opera” of events in that small Arizona town:

“If ‘we the people’ want to drain the swamp of corruption in government and politicians we must become involved in all aspects of government, from school boards to city councils, to state government to our federal king of corruption. The swamp rats are out there and we are stirring the waters.” (Source: Back to basics)

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