Produce Geek offer’s “What’s ripe?” tips

We have mentioned this interesting column from the Produce Geek before. You may want to visit the Website (click on the logo) and take another peek.

“Snacktastic! Summertime in Chile means peak season Seedless Grapes for us here in the States. Fresh Red and Green Seedless Grapes are readily available in supermarkets now through April. With increased volumes arriving at the ports, retailers are beginning to put Grapes in their weekly advertised specials. At the moment, I prefer the flavor and texture of Red over Green Seedless Grapes, but the Greens are getting sweeter each week. Expect dime-sized, round Red Seedless Grapes, mostly the Flame variety, to have a nice pop when you bite them. They’ll taste sweet and a little tangy. A great pick-me-up and healthy snack. Kids, at least mine, have a very hard time keeping their fingers off good Grapes.”

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