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today’s news … Tuesday, January 31, 2012

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today’s news and information gleanings from here and there! 

Quote for todayI swear to the Lord – I still can’t see – Why Democracy means – Everybody but me.” – Langston Hughes

  • Could this happen here; you betcha’! – “‘You could hear cars hitting each other. People were crying. People were screaming. It was crazy,’ the Gainesville man said hours later. ‘If I could give you an idea of what it looked like, I would say it looked like the end of the world.'” – CBSNews
  • Funds for disabilities care cut as “The state Office of Developmental Programs, with a $35 million deficit,” is slashing funding to service providers, “forcing them toward the ‘nightmare’ of having to cut patient services.” – Lancaster Intelligencer Journal/New Era
  • Teachers ‘flip’ their lectures, homework to reach more students: The idea is that by working on ‘homework’ in class, teachers and students get more out of their time together.” York Daily Record

Library lists February’s events

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To learn more about what has been happening … and what’s on tap this month at the Columbia Public Library, click here to read the monthly newsletter!

How often do you … ?

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For the past two weeks or so, we’ve asked you to register your responses to the “How often do you … ?” survey questions.

As mentioned, the survey questions were posed to the readers of the Times-Union newspaper in Albany, NY. Here’s the article, with the responses their readers gave, that appeared in the Lancaster Intelligencer Journal/New Era on January 16.

How often do you… ? BY KRISTI GUSTAFSON BARLETTE, Albany Times Union

From brushing teeth to changing the sheets to washing the car, we all have varying frequencies for the necessities in life.

We took a look at the norm for some of life’s “musts.”

The percentages listed are based on the results of an unofficial online poll on the On the Edge blog on Timesunion.com.

1. – How often do you brush your teeth?

  • Twice a day — morning and night (66 percent)
  • Once a day — the morning is more than sufficient (27 percent)
  • Every time I eat (7 percent)

Fact: Nationally, the average is 1.1 times/day, according Dr. Harold Katz, founder of The California Breath Clinics who has done extensive research into oral hygiene.

2. – How often do you change the sheets on your bed?

  • Once every two weeks (41 percent)
  • Once a week (32 percent)
  • Around the time it seems they could get off the bed on their own and walk away (27 percent)

Fact: Sixty percent of Americans let two weeks or more go by between bedsheet changes, according to a poll by AOL Health.

3 – How often do you grocery shop?

  • I hit up the store once a week and get everything I need (70 percent)
  • Pretty much every day (22 percent)
  • Forget the grocery store, that’s what restaurants are for (8 percent)

Fact: The average shopper goes to the Read the rest of this entry »

today’s news … Monday, January 30, 2012

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today’s news and information gleanings from here and there! 

Quote for today “When you get sick, you get better or you die.” – Pasu Aiyo, Meakambut tribal member, Papua New Guinea (February, 2012 National Geographic Magazine). 
  • A try; no cigar, yet! Did you notice that the 2012 budget now is listed at the revamped Borough Website? A welcome move to transparency; trouble is, the budget link is in Excel and not everyone has Excel on their computer. A .pdf file is far more friendly. Did you also notice that meeting information for these commissions, boards and authorities can be found, locating who is on these commissions, boards and authorities is harder to find? Found the Planning Commission. Found the Zoning Board. Found the Parks and Recreation Board, though at the recent “Meeting of the Whole” it was stated this Board was not in existence. We were unable to find out who is on the Board of Health; Civil Service Commission; Historical Architectural Review Board; Municipal Authority; Shade Tree Commission and River Park Steering Board. If you can find this information at the site, let us know so we can share with Columbia news, views & reviews readers.
  • Download Excel Reader: You do not have to know how to use spreadsheet software to view the budget; to download Microsoft’s Excel Reader AT NO CHARGE (so you can see the budget), click here. If you have not yet downloaded Adobe Reader so you can read any .pdf file, download it AT NO CHARGE here.

Help OLA School Students by lending a helping hand to support dogs and cats

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Join Our Lady of the Angels School during the celebration of  Catholic Schools Week, January 28 through February 3.

National Firefighter Code of Ethics Set for Release

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(SOURCE: Fire Engineering magazine)

The American fire and emergency services has a very proud tradition of serving communities across our nation that dates back to colonial times. Throughout our nation’s history, firefighters have been looked upon with great respect and admiration for their courage and dedication to their profession. To preserve the public’s trust, a National Firefighter Code of Ethics was developed by a group of fire service leaders that calls on individual firefighters to pledge their support for maintaining the highest level of professionalism and behavior.

The idea for the Code was initially proposed in the Fire Service Reputation Management White Paper published by the Cumberland Valley Volunteer Firemen’s Association (CVVFA). Since then, the idea gained momentum and received support from the highest echelon of fire service leadership.

“We may never have the opportunity again and I urge all fire service leaders to develop, establish, disseminate, abide and enforce a fire service code of ethics, said then-U.S. Fire Administrator Kelvin Cochran in 2010.

The Code is a guide for acceptable behavior already practiced by all but a very small percentage of the fire service. Isolated events that have occurred across the country involving lapses in ethical judgment by fire service personnel, led to the Code of Ethics being developed. It was the brainchild of the National Society of Executive Fire Officers (NSEFO) and has since gained the support of a number of local, state and national organizations, as well as prominent fire service leaders.

“The Code of Ethics serves to remind our Read the rest of this entry »

Today’s news … Sunday, January 29

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today’s news and information gleanings from here and there! 

Quote for today“Why, what’s the matter, That you have such a February face, So full of frost, of storm and cloudiness?” – William Shakespeare, Much Ado About Nothing

  • Recent restaurant and food serving establishments inspections: Very constructive and positive response from York’s Eagles’ manager – “he plans to enroll staff in a food safety course through the Department of Agriculture to avoid future violations.”Restaurant inspections in York CountyYork Dispatch. See the week’s county restaurant inspections in  Lancaster County Lancaster Sunday News. A complete listing of all facilities in Lancaster, York counties and the entire state, except those in Columbia, are listed at the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture Website.
  • Bethany L. Barton graduated with honors from The Art Institute of Philadelphia with an Associate of Science degree in photography and the Best Portfolio in Photography award. A graduate of Hempfield High School, she is the daughter of Greg and Louise Barton, Mountville.” – Lancaster Sunday News

Which are “the best-selling cars of all time?”

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1925 Ford “New Model” T Tudor Sedan – Wikipedia.org

(SOURCE: 24/7 Wall St.com)

“The most successful car in history may be the Ford Model T. While other models may have sold more vehicles, Ford managed to sell nearly 17 million cars from 1908 to 1927 — a period when car ownership was rare compared to today. The Model T was so successful that nearly every other best-selling car adopted its formula. The Model T was inexpensive to buy, inexpensive to operate, reliable and built by a large company that had hundreds of dealerships and trained mechanics. The other vehicles on this list, from the VW Passat to the Toyota Corolla, share all of these characteristics. The best-selling cars through history have appealed to a broad buyer base because they are within the reach of the masses.

“The best-selling vehicles have several other notable features in common. For one, the majority were introduced just before or around the same time that gas prices began to rise rapidly in the early 1970s, primarily because of the Arab oil embargo. Car companies offered 4-cylinder, light and fuel-efficient cars that allowed people to drive without badly hurting household budgets. Many of these cars continue to sell well today as gas prices are relatively high around the world.

“Many of these cars also are manufactured and sold around the world. The Beetle is sold in the U.S. and Europe. The Passat is built in both the U.S. and China. Several of the best-selling cars from Japan are sold in most major countries around the world. Once a car proved its appeal with consumers, it made economic sense for a manufacturer to use the same base chassis and engine at plants on different continents.

24/7 Wall St. looked at best-selling car data from a number of sources. The sources included major media outlets that cover the auto industry, research firms, and car companies that keep lists of their own best-selling cars.

“This is the 24/7 Wall St.’s list of Best Selling Cars of All Time.”

Movie review: The Way – pilgrims on the Camino de Santiago

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a review by Mary Ellen Graybill

The Way” is the way to go at the movies! Starring Martin Sheen as Tom, a grieving father who walks the Camino de Santiago, a medieval Christian pilgrims route through Spain, as he dispenses the ashes of his late son, played by his real son, and the director and writer of the movie, Emilio Estevez. On the way, he meets three characters, each on their own pilgrimage of solitary seeking. The four form a reluctant group as they keep finding themselves on the pathway to an understanding of their own purpose and each other’s journey.

The movie opens with Daniel telling his father, “You don’t choose a life, you live a life.” Sadly Daniel loses his life in the quest for adventure on the trail. Martin Sheen, is thus knocked out of his ordinary life as an eye doctor in the suburbs, and decides to take the trip and dispense his son’s ashes and perhaps find what his son was seeking. (Note that in the Catholic faith, cremation is acceptable, reportedly, but ashes generally are kept together, but not so in “The Way”)

Tom starts out understandably depressed and sad over the loss he has experienced. When a priest asks Tom to pray with him, Tom replies, “What for?”

Thus the movie begins – Tom having lost his son, peace and faith, and when he arrives at the start of the 800 kilometer walk, like some other travelers, he appears exhausted by life’s shocks. He carries the box of ashes and reveals little to companions on the trail.

Along the way, Tom encounters not just his own pain, but those, indirectly, of three other characters that seem to be showing up at every turn. Joust is walking to lose weight and re-gain a wife’s attentions. It seems that there should be more to his character, but that is all that is revealed.

Soon, the two blend together, if not as Read the rest of this entry »

today’s news … Saturday, January 28

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today’s news and information gleanings from here and there! 

Quote for today… “The collapse of the Soviet system was a pretty extraordinary event, and we are currently experiencing something similar in the developed world, without fully realizing what’s happening.” – George Soros, in Newsweek (January 23, 2012) article, “George Soros on the Coming U.S. Class War

  • Some guys don’t get it! “Outside advisers are urging (Rick Santorum) to pack up in Florida completely and not spend another minute in a state where he is cruising toward a loss. But Santorum insisted on Friday that he would return once he has readied his taxes for public release.” – York Dispatch

  • Is spring coming? Has a mild, almost snowless, winter tricked the flowers. Little green plants are beginning to shoot out; this may be just the evidence the ground hog needs to call for spring.