Dining facility and food-serving establishment inspections in Columbia during January

Here are the “PUBLIC EATING AND DRINKING PLACE INSPECTION CHECKLIST” reports from inspections conducted by the Columbia Borough Codes official.

  1. Cafe Garth
  2. Catholic War Veterans
  3. Daddy Os
  4. Golden Stories
  5. Harringtons bar & grille
  6. OLA School – HT Parish Center
  7. OLA School – St. Peter Church Kitchen
  8. St James Lutheran Church
  9. St. John Lutheran Church
  10. Tacos To Go
  11. The Flour Child
  12. Watermelon Rind


  1. What does it mean if the business fails the inspection? Are they closed down or do they have time to remediate the problem? Why do you think some have a fee listed for $50 and others do not? Do you know if they all are supposed to pay a fee? Many inconsistencies……

  2. According to the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture’s Bureau of Food Safety and Laboratory Services Website (www.agriculture.state.pa.us/portal/server.pt/gateway/PTARGS_0_2_24476_10297_0_43/AgWebsite/ProgramDetail.aspx?name=Food-Safety-Inspection-Results&navid=12&parentnavid=0&palid=54: )

    “How many violations can a restaurant have and still be in compliance?

    “A restaurant may have a few violations and still be in compliance, or it may have only one violation and be out of compliance.

    “Violations are broken into two categories –

    “Foodborne Illness Risk Factors: These are the types of violations that can make someone ill if they are not corrected. Factors such as good worker hygiene, correct holding and storing temperatures for foods and making sure the food comes from approved sources are all critical for ensuring public health. If one of these violations is found, it must be corrected immediately or it will put the entire inspection out of compliance. The violation will still show up on the report if it is corrected immediately, but the restaurant will be considered in compliance. On the report, these violations are listed in red.

    “Good Retail Practices: These violations are also important for protecting public health, but have less potential to cause a significant foodborne illness. If a restaurant has one or two of these violations, they should be corrected immediately or a follow-up inspection will be required. It may or may not put the restaurant out of compliance, depending on the severity and the circumstances of the violation.”

    The above apply when inspectors use the state’s inspection form and reporting standards; Columbia Borough does not; the codes official uses a Columbia Borough form.

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