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New business … new neighbors … new family at 1201 Manor Street!

In Everyday Living, In Columbia, People on February 25, 2012 at 5:15 am

“We’ve had a few neighbors stop by and say ‘Hi!’ and welcome to Columbia!” beamed Debby Gorman.

Debby, Damian, Anne, Uncle Barry, Jack, Ben and Ben were gracious and welcoming as Columbia news, views and reviews stopped in yesterday morning to chat with the folks while they were readying for “open house” festivities at their new business home at 1201 Manor Street.

Gorman Distributors, Inc. purchased the old vacant building formerly occupied by Phoenix Packaging and for the past several months, the Gorman family and their contractors have been working feverishly to overhaul the building throughout. Gorman Distributors, Inc. is completely staffed by family members.

Gorman Distributing, Inc.’s founder, Benjamin F. Gorman began the business when he posed the idea to his father. Ben’s dad ran a grocery store in the 400 block of North Mulberry Street and the family lived upstairs from the business. We will have a follow-up article about the beginning of Gorman Distributors, Inc. and how it got to be a Columbia business in a week or so.

Gee, it’s great to have good neighbors who are nice people!

Welcome to the neighborhood, Ben, Damian, Debby, Ann, Ben, Uncle Barry, Michele and Jack.

Welcome to Columbia!

  1. What are they goning to sell?

  2. Joe … there is a link to the business Website in the article: http://www.gormandist.com/ – Gorman Distributors, Inc. sells to: “laundromat owners, non-profts, retail outlets and vending companies.”

  3. I have driven passed this building many times and always comment on how great it looks. It’s a wonderful update on the old building.

    Wishing you the best.

    Welcome to our neighborhood.

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