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today’s news … Thursday, May 24

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today’s news and information gleanings from here and there! 

Quote for today … For love of country they accepted death … .” – James A. Garfield

  • Columbia honors police officer, David SoudersMyColumbiaNews

cream and Chrome rise to the top

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A screen shot of Google Chrome, which has become the world’s most used Web browser. (Google)

The most-used on-ramp to the Internet super-highway is now Google’s “Chrome” according to this Los Angeles Times article.

By Salvador Rodriguez

“Google Chrome surpassed Internet Explorer last week as the world’s most used Web browser, according to a statistic released Monday.

“The Google Web browser received more usage than Microsoft’s browser during the week of May 14 to May 20, marking the first time Chrome has received the highest traffic for a full seven days.

“Chrome is now ahead of Internet Explorer, with Firefox in third place and Apple’s Safari a distant fourth, according to the website StatCounter.

“Google would not address the statistic from StatCounter directly, but the company did put out a statement.

“‘It’s great to see more and more people around the world experiencing the speed, simplicity and security of Chrome,’ a spokesperson for the company said in an email. ‘We continue to remain focused on building a better browsing experience so that people can enjoy a better web.’

“But while Chrome is finally No. 1 worldwide, there are still certain regions on the planet where Internet Explorer holds the title.

“In the U.S., Chrome was still in second place, and that held true to a dramatic degree in some countries like Japan and China, as noted by The Verge.

“However, the opposite held true in other countries and regions. In India, Chrome Read the rest of this entry »

“There’s nothing black or white about organic agriculture” – The Conversation

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Is organic better? That depends. – Photo Source: Jeff Krauss

“Food is an emotional topic. Everyone cares about what they eat. Food often has a strong cultural, religious or even political meaning attached to it. Organic food is no different in that respect. People buy organic out of hedonistic values of pleasure and health as well as out of altruistic values of environmental sustainability, social justice and animal welfare.”In addition, organic food is also part of the political debate on how to feed the world sustainably today and into the future. Agriculture is currently one of the major threats to the environment. We know that some drastic changes in our food system are needed if we want to ensure that the many hungry people on this planet have access to sufficient nutritious food and at the same time reduce the environmental impact of agriculture.”Organic agriculture is often proposed as a solution to some of these challenges. It promises to produce food in a more environmentally friendly way and to provide accessible means of increasing yields in smallholder farming systems in developing countries.”We were therefore not surprised that our study about the yields of organic agriculture, published recently in Nature, drew quite some attention and was discussed widely in the media and blogosphere.”In this study, we conducted a meta-analysis comparing organic … click here to continue reading this article at The Conversation.