“New program to help consumers” – news release

“Lancaster, Pa. – As the economy continues to cause financial difficulty for local families, consumers including senior citizens are having a hard time making ends meet. A new program is being launched by the Community Clearinghouse Agency Inc. to provide help for residents of Columbia. CCA is offering a program where consumers can list what they need and what they can offer to help others. The idea is to provide a source where people can turn to for assistance or provide it. CCA is a volunteer based 501-C-3 social service in Lancaster, Pa. helping families in need with appliances, furniture and household goods since 1995. CCA wants to initiate a people helping people program.

“According to Dale Vega, executive director of the Clearinghouse, the new community service will assist thousands of people not only in Lancaster County but nationwide. The trouble is, how do you let others know what you need? Or, how do you make known that you can help someone? The answer Vega gave is ‘Consumers will be able to list needs and what they offer on our web site. There is no cost, this is a free public service. The program is financed by Sponsors and Donations.’ Everyone has a need and something to offer, CCA wants to provide their service to fill the needs of people throughout the entire country.
“An example of a need can include funds for medications, pay doctor bills, pay utilities, find an apartment or house, home repairs, errands, services, the list is virtually endless. Vega included ‘Although people want to help others there is still a need for caution. When requesting help or providing a service, insure that it is legitimate even asking for some evidence or verification. In addition, you have to be careful how much information you provide and to who. We live in perilous times and have to use good judgment.”
“To participate in the program, you must have a legitimate need or something to contribute to the needs and welfare of others. To request a Personal Needs Analysis, send a self addressed stamped envelope to CCA P.O. Box 8361 Lancaster, Pa. 17604. Or, to list what you need and offer, fill out the submit inquire portion of the web site at www.donatecca.org.”
SOURCE: news release, Community Clearinghouse Agency.

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