Produce Geek offers “What’s ripe now?” suggestions

Here are more delicious produce notes from The Produce Geek. U-m-m-m! You may want to visit the Website (click on the logo) and take another peek. The Produce Geek’s also got other recommendations there!


Kids love Strawberries. Teens love Strawberries. Adults love Strawberries. Everyone LOVES Strawberries!…Except for those who don’t…If that’s you, what’s wrong with you?…just kidding. You probably at least like grapes, right? For all you Strawberry lovers out there – go for it! Peak season has arrived in the Mid-Atlantic area for local Strawberries. In Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey and Pennsylvania pick-your-own berry farms, farmer markets and even supermarkets that support regional ag will have fresh, red-ripe Strawberries for you the first 2-3 weeks of June.

Expect deep red color throughout and rich flavor on Local Strawberries. The PA-grown berries I’ve tried this week have been fairly soft, but super juicy. Local varieties will ripen to a small to medium size and typically have a much shorter shelf that what you usually find at the store, so try to use them the day you buy them. Strawberry pie? Yes, please!

Check out this strawberry recipe resource for more use ideas.

Click here to see more “What’s ripe now?” suggestions from the Produce Geek.

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