today’s news … Tuesday, June 4, 2013

today’s news and information gleanings from here and there!

Quote for today“Unfortunately, as in many other cases, the lessons do not provide new insight or information and the recommendations are not revolutionary. The situation that occurred in Charleston on June 18, 2007 was predictable and the outcome was preventable. All of the lessons and recommendations listed below are
restatements of lessons that have been identified in previous investigations involving other fire departments and recommendations that have been widely adopted as standard practices within the fire service.”
– Extracted from the FIREFIGHTER FATALITY INVESTIGATIVE REPORT, Sofa Super Store, 1807 Savannah Highway, Charleston, South Carolina – June 18, 2007. [NOTE: Nine firefighters perished in this fire. Read more about the “smoke eater mindset”  in this 2007 Charleston Post and Courier article.]

  • Housing rebound? Yeah, sure! According to this New York Times article, “Large investment firms have spent billions of dollars over the last year buying homes in some of the nation’s most depressed markets. The influx has been so great, and the resulting price gains so big, that ordinary buyers are feeling squeezed out.”
  • POLICE LOG:EAST DONEGAL TWP.: Police have accused three people of causing nearly $2,000 worth of damage at the township’s Riverfront Park at 551 Vinegar Ferry Road on various occasions in March. Ryan J. Miller, 18, of 124 W. Market St., Marietta, John N. Haupt, 27, of 2 Essex St., Marietta, and Brianna V. Kriner, 21, of 428 Manor St., Columbia, drove vehicles off-road, causing extensive ruts and deep tire tracks at the park. Damage was estimated at $1,856. Police obtained surveillance footage in the area which helped them identify some of those involved. Police charged Miller, Haupt and Kriner with criminal mischief.”
  • LEGAL NOTICE, published in the Intelligencer Journal/Lancaster New Era, June 4, 2013: “The regularly scheduled meeting of the West Hempfield Township Zoning Hearing Board will be held on Tuesday, June 11, 2013 at 7:30 PM in the West Hempfield ownship Municipal Building located at 3401 Marietta Avenue, Lancaster, PA to hear the following cases: 1. Case 1169 – Amber Haas, 1031 Prospect Road, Columbia, PA for a Special Exception to Section 702.9 to allow Echo Housing for her mother within an addition to her home. The property is zoned Rural Agricultural. 2. Case 1170 – Douglas W. Martin, 1095 Prospect Road, Columbia, PA for a Special Exception to Section 301.2.B.6 pursuant to Section 701.9 to allow a roadside produce stand on his property, zoned Rural Agricultural. 3. Case 1171 – Turkey Hill L.P., 257 Centerville Road, Lancaster, PA for the following variances to allow upgrade and expansion of their store located at 1199 Prospect Road, zoned C-2: 1) Section 402.4.A.2 for front yard setback on Prospect Road for new fueling canopy; 2) Section 402.3.A.5 for required minimum landscape area; 3) Section 402.4.A.2 for front yard setback on Prospect Road for expansion of northeast corner of building; 4) Section 402.4.B for side yard setback for expansion of northeast corner of building; 5) Section 707.3.L.1.a for front yard parking setback and screening area on Prospect Road; 6) Section 707.3.L.2.a  to reduce required interior parking lot landscaping; and 7) Section 707.4 to reduce the required number of parking spaces. 4. Case 1172 – PK Novelties, LLC, d/b/a Wicked Fireworks, 506 Woodhall Drive, Willow Street, PA for a Special Exception to Section 101.7 (uses not provided) to allow a temporary tent to sell fireworks at 3985 Columbia Avenue, property zoned C-2. Daryl S. Peck, Secretary West Hempfield Township Zoning Hearing Board.”

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