Disappointing military leadership denies responsibility in addressing, eradicating sexual assaults


Have you read this report on the failure of US military leadership?

“Joint Chiefs’ Answers on Sex Crimes Dismay Senators”The Washington Post

We have this assembly of very highly paid chiefs of the military denying responsibility for overseeing criminal activities in their purview. And then they want no oversight!

WTF? What if these were presidents of universities and colleges acting like this? What if it were a collection of Boy Scout leaders? Youth athletic coaches?

We would hold them accountable.

Small wonder that the author of the newly released book, The Generals, says, the “high-water mark of general officer competence was during World War II under the leadership of Gen. George C. Marshall. Marshall hand-picked U.S. Army senior combat leaders throughout the war. Mr. Ricks argues that Marshall looked for officers who showed a combination of vigor, competence and the ability to be team players. Legend has it that he kept a little black book throughout his career that noted the officers who he thought would make outstanding combat commanders in the war that he knew was coming.”

The Marshall system was intolerant of failure. If the wrong man got placed inadvertently in a position where he did not excel, he was ruthlessly relieved.” – The Washington Post review

Read this book:


The review goes on to say, the military “tends to place people in positions just because they are available.” Sounds a lot like politics, school boards, etc. Nobody holds these folks accountable. They get into positions of leadership … and then they don’t lead.

As much as we detest Senator John McCain’s recent excursion into foreign policy, we respect have enormous respect for his comments during the testimony.

“Senator John McCain, an Arizona Republican, recalled meeting with a woman whose daughter was considering entering the military if Mr. McCain, a former naval aviator, could offer his ‘unqualified support’ of the choice. ‘I could not,’ he said.”

This crappy leadership has got to be addressed, now. The President and Vice President cannot effect this change by taking it to the troops; it’s insufficient, and unfair, to rail against the military’s failures at military institutions’ graduations. The POTUS needs to bring the top military leaders into a closed-door room and blast them with them tough talk. Then he needs to weed out lackadaisical leadership. Not with mega-retirements, either. Or reassignments. Get rid of them.

Our sons and daughters deserve principled, capable, trustworthy leaders. They’ve not had that at the top for a while.

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