today’s news … Wednesday, June 26

today’s news and information gleanings from here and there!

Quote for todayA skirmish occurred in Wrightsville, opposite Columbia, three hours ago. Col. FRICK’s men fought the enemy is their rifle-pits gallantly, till surrounded and overpowered. Over one hundred were captured, and the rest retreated across the bridge, which was then fired. The bridge was one mile and a quarter long, and worth a million. The excitement here now amounts to a panic. Everything is leaving.” – From a June 29, 1863 telegram from Lancaster, CWDGonline

used to be a tree hereThere used to be a tree here; site of a recent Chestnut Street tree removal.

rain garden dilemmaSnapshots of the “rain gardens” at River Park. It’s tough determining what’s a weed and what’s not. The “Weed Fact Sheets from Pennsylvania State University” may prove helpful for any gardener.

fencesDon’t fence me in or out! What’s with the barbed wire?

jonal june fourth friday

  • Jonal Gallery’s Fourth Friday invitation, click on the above image to see the spate of events.

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