Some notes from Monday’s meeting

The following items represent some notes from the June council “meeting of the whole.”

“No strings attached” vehicle donation: Susquehanna Valley EMS has offered to donate a vehicle to the borough. The councilors agreed with the borough manager’s assessment that the borough ought to accept the vehicle.

Weeds in the bricks. Seems the promised “no weeds” in the new brick sidewalk was just that: a promise. Councillor Jim Smith questioned the earlier promises that a polymer was supposed to impede any weed growth in the seams of the laid brickwork. Others said that “weeds will grow anywhere.” Or was it polymeric sand?

Columbia news, views & reviews found this at an online search “A brick walkway can’t have the spaces sealed, or it will crack. So there’s really no way to prevent weeds entirely. However, there are fairly easy ways to kill the weeds.” Polymers, aside, it appears brick sidewalks need maintenance; question is who does the maintenance? The property owner?

Following the “weeds in the bricks” discussion, the topic shifted to “weeds in the rain gardens at the River Park. Some councillors and the mayor said that the wrong plants were planted at the beginning. Others said that there should have been a plan. One said, there was a plan, but “we picked the wrong plants.”

The mayor said, “There is a print; there is a plan that shows what is planted there.” But, someone chimed, there’s just nothing that tell how to maintain the plants.

Still another said that there’s no way to tell what is a weed and what isn’t.

Primitive property. When a citizen asked, “What’s going to happen with the land between the bridges.” One of the councilors stated the land was going to be part of the Northwest Trail, but he’d like to see the land remain “primitive.”

Shack in the woods. A citizen asked for clarification on a rumor about a shack in the woods. The mayor said the police took a boat over the weekend to reconnoiter. They did see a structure, but determined it was vacant and appeared to have been so for a while.

National Night Out is scheduled for Tuesday, August 6 at Glatfelter Field.

“You can’t put a price on intimidation.” There’ll be more on that quote from Monday’s meeting and more notes from the meeting coming in the next day or two.

One comment

  1. wow our borough council fails again. from bad timing with heavy equipment at bridge entrance to conflicting events at same time, arguments as to who maintains weeds on brick sidewalks and on and on. Like the federal government their is no leadership at federal level or on Columbia Borough Council. Work and solve the important issues as opposed to the red herring issues brainless people continually bring forth.
    Have a safe and happy fourth of July and may we not forget the true meaning of those who fought for our independence.
    Is it true Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and his son will be appearing at a future council meeting?
    Tiny and the group watching from the outside

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