today’s news … Friday, June 28

today’s news and information gleanings from here and there!

Quote for todayThe incessant rain will again raise the waters in the Susquehanna, and no force can ford it even if we had no defenders here.”Extract from “Patriot & Union – June 27, 1863: ‘In a sea of doubt, without either rudder or compass'” – Harrisburg Patriot-News [Columbia news, views & reviews NOTE: Wonder whether the bridge really did have to be burned then?]

red lion yard sale

  • Community Yard Sales: It’s been injected into several council meetings by several councillors: the idea of a Columbia Community Yard Sale. At Monday’s meeting, councillor Barry Ford mentioned that Wrightsville recently had theirs. Red Lion, too, had one a few weeks ago and it was posted on the Facebook Page. “Our annual free Community Yard Sale will be held June 14 & 15 from 7 AM to 5 PM. (Tomorrow and Sat) You MUST remove all signs and all items from yards and porches after the yard sale. Many visitors come to Red Lion for this event, so let’s show them that Red Lion is a safe and friendly community.”
  • Some things change; some don’t: Happened across the minutes from the January, 2013 Columbia borough council meeting. Interesting that a police officer was hired for $27,000. H-m-m-m-m, and today police officers average incomes over $72K plus benefits. Lots of the same nagging issues; lots of recognizable names. One thing is certain: the meeting minutes were a lot more thorough then.
  • There’s a lengthy legal notice in today’s Lancaster newspaper concerning Penn Dot’s eminent domain proceedings for the Route 441 bypass project. Named in the notice are properties owned by the Mary Owen McCorkle estate; the Adam H. Greer estate and Margaret W. Johnson.

jonal june fourth friday

  • Jonal Gallery’s Fourth Friday invitation, click on the above image to see the spate of events.
  • Smash that “glass ceiling” – “The U.S. Marines command that houses the most prestigious ceremonial units will be welcoming its first female sergeant major on Thursday.Sgt. Maj. Angela Maness will take over the duties of senior enlisted Marine at Marine Barracks Washington.” – Institute for Defense and Government Advancement
  • For former Marines and NCO’s only:
    Job Interview:

    Personnel Manager: “What is your greatest weakness ?”

    Old Marine: “Honesty”

    Personnel Manager: “I don’t think honesty is a weakness !”

    Old Marine: “I don’t give a shit what you think”

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