Scenes seen on Saturday afternoon

scenes seen 01You’re so right, Tiny, and the other folks who’ve commented here. What kind of timing would schedule the digging up of the sidewalks, the ripping out the rose bushes and the construction fencing on the celebration of the Bridge Burning? Is this town’s leadership suicidal? Thousands of visitors – guests – ought to see have seen this town at it’s best. After all, there’s been ample notice of the date of the events. At least 150 or so years. And this is the weekend to dig up? And not mow the grass? Shameful.scenes seen 02

Notice the pedestrian friendly signage in the town across the river. There are five of those “Yield to Pedestrian – IT’S THE STATE LAW” signs dotting the main drag in town. And they’ve been there for at least the last month or so. Council ought to give consideration to having signs like this at some of Columbia’s crosswalks.

scenes seen 03Columbia’s churches’ steeples are stunning; this one in Wrightsville has always been a favorite, too.

scenes seen 04Center part of one of the flags hanging on the chain link topped with barbed wire fence at River Park. Great message … now if we could only correctly identify this country’s tyrants.

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