shoulda’ – coulda’ – woulda’

coulda_woulda_shoulda_didanother variation of shoulda’ – coulda’ – woulda’

We hear these words almost every day. So and so should have done this. That town could have done that. They would have done it if only.

Problem is that living that kind of mantra leads to nowhere. Nothing. Nada.

Those who try and fail and continue to try until they succeed are the ones we remember.

Take Samuel P. Langley, for instance. The United States Air Force remembers him this way: “He’s remembered as one of the most unlucky trail blazers in flight history.”

Truth is, he – not Wilbur and Orville – shoulda’, coulda’, woulda’ been remembered and celebrated as the father of flight.

Alas, with all the advantages and the financial wherewithal, he failed, gave up and became a “shoulda’ – coulda’ – woulda’” sidebar to history. Here’s the story of Samuel Pierpont Langley.

Here’s the classic “coulda’ line:

And here’s a great TED storyteller who will tell you more about shoulda’ – coulda’ – whoulda’ types as Langley and those who did. The ones we remember.

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