“‘Fair’ thee well” as the fair season begins

The sudden cool down seems an appropriate signal that summer is slipping away. Ads for “back-to-school” seemingly are everywhere. Another sign of the end of summer or the arrival of fall are the local fairs and farm shows that happen in this “garden spot” of America. Blessed beyond belief, our little part of the world has farmers’ markets, roadside stands, fertile backyard garden plots and small-town fairs. And this is the week of the Lebanon Area Fair.

lebfair brochureClick on the brochure (above) to view it or download it.

What’s there to do and see at the Lebanon Area Fair? That’s a fair question. Have a look at some of the sights from the fair.



Whether you’re a “fair fancier” or a “fair fanatic, the fair season is here. According to the Pennsylvania State Association of County Fairs, there areone-hundred and ten agricultural fairs, associations or societies across Pennsylvania that have as their focal point education and showcase of agriculture, horticulture, tourism and more. Over five and one-half million fair goers that attend fairs each year can attest to the quality of what fairs have to offer.” Click here to find the fairs on the schedule for the remainder of 2013.

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