Council meeting of the whole agenda, September 23, 2013

Last night’s council meeting of the whole found a half dozen or so people in the gallery of the Columbia Borough building’s council chambers witness a just-over two-hour conduct of business. The complete council assembled with the borough manager, borough financial officer and mayor wending through the meeting agenda topics.

At 8:04 pm, the meeting was “continued” to this evening when the council meeting of the whole will wrestle with the budget and other borough items.

Several members of the Recreation Commission were present; a spokesperson presented a budget request to relaunch a summer playground activity program.

Council voted to award the repainting of the borough hall to D & M Coatings, Inc. A google search for D & M Coatings, Inc. produced only this State College-based business. Columbia news, views & reviews was unable to locate D & M Coatings, Inc. at the Commonwealth’s Corporation Search Website.

Councillor Mary Wickenheiser read a report from the public works director; she reported that the new lighting for the Route 462 Bridge spanning the Susquehanna will be delayed for at least 40 weeks due to the lighting fixture manufacturer’s inability to produce them.

A citizen reported that he’d read that the McGinness Airport was “decommissioned.” Columbia news, views & reviews has linked this Website – (; at this site it states the airport is CLOSED INDEFINITELY. It also says that at the Airplane Owners and Pilots Association Website. Columbia news, views & reviews has found no information (nor has it reported) that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has decommissioned McGinness Airport.

Agenda – page one

Council MOTW 23 Sep 2013 page 01

page two

Council MOTW 23 Sep 2013 page 02

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