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Who the hell would want to teach? You have these rabid jackasses holding themselves as they piss and cry that you are making too much money. None of them are in the classroom, and most often they are abusing basic grammar and spelling. Forget it. Who needs it?”

comment following the Lancaster OnLine article about the shortage of substitute teachers.

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So, is Columbia ok with having a known ‘slumlord’ being a PARTNER with a member of the Community Economic Development Corporation? That does NOT go together. “

– comment following this Columbia Spy post that featured the above photo.

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“If [voters] care about having balance on their school boards or on borough councils, and they don’t want them run by one party or by the people who have run it the same way all the time, they should be out taking a look at voting for us, getting some new blood onto their borough councils or their school boards.

-comment from Lancaster County Democratic Committee Chairwoman Sally Lyall in this Lancaster Online article about the anticipated low voter turnout in next week’s election. [NOTE: Inclusion of this line does not signify any leaning towards or against any political party.]

By clicking here at the Lancaster County Board of Elections Website, you can see who is running for Columbia’s offices.

number symbolA bacon sandwich is not as bad as smoking.”

Extract from this BBC report on the connection between processed meats and cancer according to the World Health Organization.

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