Comments from others in Joe’s custom “gerrymandered” district

Not soon enough, Joe. Should have done it 20 years ago.” – WFMZ-TV

“76 year old goat, after ‘prayerful consideration’, decides not to seek re-election. Thank God for helping us with that one. Really.” – Daily Local News, West Chester, PA

“In his neatly gerrymandered district virtually no one around here even knew who he was nor cared about him – and vice versa! he will not be missed, in as much as he was invisible.” –  The Reading Eagle

Like the last time he didn’t seek reelection in the last two elections? I’ll believe it when I see it Pipeline Pitts.” – one of a bunch of comments at LNP – Always Lancaster‘s facebook page

Here are others:

Praise BeJesus …… let us all hope he keeps his promise this time.

Consistently voted against bills to help vets. Not sorry to see this one go.

He’ll probably go to work lobbying for Comcast full time now, not just part time.”

As far as I can tell, nearly two decades of doing nothing but collecting a government paycheck and benefits.

Another career politician…good riddance. The only thing better would have been if he had been voted out and he didn’t have a voter paid for, over the top, retirement plan. For once a thread on LNP seems to have most agreeing this is a good thing.

18 years too long. Poster boy for term limits.

But notice all the Republicans have nothing but praise!

hogs at trough

And we still think that “elected public servants” really serve the people they represent. Nah, they represent the interests of the party chiefs and the mega-rich and corporate-types that finance their campaigns to “return to the trough!”


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