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Quote for today … ““A death warrant for the open Internet.”In These

TPPTPP: A Sweetheart Deal for Corporations, a ‘Disaster’ for People’s Rights

food heroPhoto source:

  • A complete listing of all inspections at food serving facilities in Lancaster, York counties and the entire state, except those in Columbia – Columbia persists in having its own inspection system with its own forms and inspection items – rather than the one used statewide, is available at the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture Website.
  • Seen while walking at River Park.

copper 3

  • A week or so ago, Columbia Spy posted several photos of the trees identified for removal at River Park. Seems like nearly every tree nearest the River are “orange dot” identified. This defoliation project surely will change the character of the Riverfront.

orange dot

  • This is for the Vietnam veteran and veterans stationed near the DMZ in Korea from April 1, 1968 ti August 31, 1971; this important article is from the current issue of VFW Magazine.

agent orange


  1. The TPP, if approved by Congress, would be a disaster for the United States. People need to read what it would do and then tell their Senators and Representatives to vote against the Trans Pacific Partnership.

  2. Our take is that this is a “done deal” secured by the “bought-and-paid-for elected public servants” who do their masters’ bidding. Gosh, we hope we’re wrong.

    • Actually, because Congress gave President Obama what he wanted – Fast Track negotiations – Congress still must approve TPP, but with no debate, so they must vote “up” or “down” only. If they vote “Yea,” the agreement passes.

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