today’s news … Tuesday, November 24, 2015

today’s news and information gleanings from here and there!

Quote for today “We don’t have a democracy – we have an auction!” – Sign we saw on a bumper sticker yesterday. Sad, pathetic truth about the wealthy running this country.

  • Here is the agenda from last night’s Committee of the Whole meeting (click to enlarge).

COTW - 11-23-2015 - oage onepage one

COTW - 11-23-2015 - page two

page two

  • Last night’s meeting began at 6:02 pm and was adjourned at 7:46 pm. All the councillors were in attendances; so to, was the mayor, the finance manager, the former interim borough manager, the newly appointed borough manager, Gregory Sahd, and only two citizens. There were “um” moments – some “ah” moments – a few “huh” moments and even an “Aha” moment or two. Find elaboration on these moments here, today and in following days; at Columbia Spy and perhaps in the larger daily newspaper.
  • NO PROPERTY TAX INCREASE for Columbia property owners in 2016; but no decrease either! After discussion, the councillors voted in a 4-3 decision to not have a tax decrease; rather maintain the current level of 8 mills. One of the councillors indicated that the School District will raise taxes.
  • In a “huh?” discussion, councillors appeared divided in their recollection of discussions about a pet rescue discussion of over a year ago. According to this Lancaster Online article, “Columbia Borough Council heard from two altruistic groups — one offering help, and one needing it — on Monday, March 24.” Last night one of the councillors introduced an agenda item concerning the donation of a parcel of land at the Borough Farm to “Judy McKonly to build an animal rescue.” Discussion ensued and the general feeling was that no clear proposal had been put forth at the March 24, 2014 meeting.The agenda for that meeting appears below; the discussion item is Item I, 5 – Presentation by John F. Markel, Esq. – Animal Welfare and Rescue Organization.”

council meeting of the whole March0001

  • Columbia news, views & reviews registered the discussion from the 2014 meeting this way: “The prospect of a significant contribution to the community by Judy McKonly.”  Our notes indicate there was no definitive plan presented either.
  • The only thing missing is the presentation of the definitive plan/proposal to the councillors.
  • Way to go Columbia Police Department! There’s a blurb in the Police Log in LNP – Always Lancaster about “pursuit” in Columbia; but … officers subsequently called off because of Brown’s erratic driving around schools in the area that were dismissing students at the time. Brown eventually stopped his vehicle in the 600 block of Chestnut Street and was taken into custody.” Here’s the story from Columbia’s CrimeWatch page. Columbia news, views & reviews applauds this “public safety” restraint decision. Evidence from studies across the nation show that chases are not effective means of law enforcement. Just yesterday, Pittsburgh’s police chief banned chases.
  • A hm-m-m discussion item: Someone wondered whether the possible acquisition of Norfolk Southern Railroad by a Canadian company might impact dealings with Columbia. It’s a deal in deliberation not unlike others that have been foisted on American consumers: A big organization with loads of debt has an appetite to gobble up more (think banks, hospitals, drug stores, etc.)


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