it ain’t necessarily so …

A commenter following this December 23 article in The Guardian, writes:

“Too bad that Janet Yellen gave into the Too-Big-To-Jail Banksters who were greedily clamoring for an interest rate hike. So much for the Fed looking out for the interest of everyday Americans, struggling to make ends meet! They say the next Wall Street Crash will dwarf that engineered by the NY Banksters in 2008 so be prepared for the worst!”

In 2011, Columbia news, views & reviews included this Al Lewis editorial about some of the continued economic inequities in this country.

Later in 2011, Columbia news, views & reviews posted this ProPublica movie review about the movie, Margin Call.

On Christmas Day, David Cay Johnston’s column, “Congress gives Americans a lump of coal for Christmas – The Santas on Capitol Hill showered gifts on the political donor class” was published at Al Jazeera – America. Johnston is an investigative reporter who won a Pulitzer Prize while at The New York Times, teaches business, tax and property law of the ancient world at the Syracuse University College of Law.

On the day after Christmas, 2015, we went to see the movie, The Big Short after reading this review and this one and this one as well as several other reviews.

big short

Watch Dr. Michael Burry’s 2010 keynote address at the 2012 UCLA Department of Economics Commencement here.

Click here to read his 2010 Wall Street Journal column, “I saw the crisis coming; why didn’t the Fed?”

And we keep electing the same “public servants” who serve those who would continue this ridiculous courses of action?




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