really? Isn’t that just “comcastic?”

You gotta’ love the smarm of hidden / masked rate increases!

If you didn’t read through the five page Comcast invoice last month, you may have missed the notice of increased prices. And if you get an electronic invoice, you probably don’t read


How tough is it to put important notices – like a six percent increase for basic stripped down cable (10+ and highly duplicated signals) and internet – on the first page of the statement? That increase includes a $1.75 increase for “other charges.”

Not defined charges, mind you … just “other charges.”

Duh, like maybe right there on page one where it says “News from Comcast?”

Why not include a notice as we have done on the last month invoice at the right below?

rate increases

So, let’s see. Last night a Comcastic telephone solicitor called with a terrific offer. We have a bundle – “Starter XF Triple play for only $89.99 a month when you agree to a two year service agreement.

Yeah, who wouldn’t want to get into a two-year agreement with the “comcastic service provider” with the world’s worst Customer Service rating record?

And why shouldn’t this be a public utility?

Here’s why?

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