Today’s news … February 2, 2016

Quote for today  “U.S. consumers kept their spending flat in December and instead boosted their savings rate to the highest level in three years.” – from this article in The York Dispatch.


clear oversightSure!

  • What? You caught us? OK, it was a “clear oversight” and “not intentional.” And we won’t do it again!LNP – Always Lancaster page one article in which “Manheim Township (School District school board) vows to provide more information to the public going forward.” Sure – and “donkeys will fly” and other school boards will emulate this, too.
  • Hm-m-m-m, must be time to look good … “The Manheim Township Board of School Directors will be having a SPECIAL Board Meeting on Thursday, February 4, 2016 at 6:00 PM in the District Office Board Room at 450A Candlewyck Road Lancaster, PA 17601.” – Lancaster Online


  • Just as in Iowa, a bunch of mostly white men folks acting goofy come together today to see (wink, wink) the groundhog predict the coming of spring.
  • Trusted staffers at your bank? Read this article at The New York Times, too: “Rich and elderly bank customers are particularly at risk, prosecutors say, when tellers and other retail-branch employees tap into accounts to wire funds without authorization, make fake debit cards to withdraw money from A.T.M.s and sell off personal information to other criminals. Accounts with high balances and those with direct deposits of government funds, like Social Security payments, are especially coveted.”
  • Seized in Columbia: “seized 6/5/14 at 147 Locust St., Apt. #3, Columbia, PA. $821.00″ – “seized 4/17/14 at 301 Perry St., Columbia, PA. $1,558.00″ – Lancaster Online

printmaking scca

  • Susquehanna Center for the Creative Arts – Monotype Printmaking with Milt Friedly – February 17, 24 and March 2, 9 | 6-8:30 pm | An Introduction to Monotype and Mono-printing on plastic and metal plates. Discover the intrigue and joy of creating images thru painterly, printing and experimental techniques. We will build a vocabulary for more advanced work. Click here for details.SOURCE: news release

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